MGCH Chapter 683

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (15)

As expected; how could she let him off?

Could it be that, for wealth and power, he wanted to be subordinate to others and curry favor with a woman he didn’t like?

“Lord Feng? The attendant urged.

Feng Yunian coldly looked at her. “Is tonight the night of serving in bed?”

The attendant said: “Yes. This is something worth celebrating, ah.”

Feng Yunian slowly got up, covering the frosty ridicule in his eyes with a smile that wasn’t a smile.

“Indeed, it’s something worth celebrating, so it is better to accept deferentially than to decline courteously1.”

These words were ice cold, without the least bit of happiness or joy.

Bai Weiwei sneezed and rubbed her nose. “This one, that one, and who else? All one hundred and thirty-five men in the palace, including those in the Cold Palace2, will be released.”

The official kneeling below immediately paled with fright. “Your Majesty, this is against custom.”

Bai Weiwei’s face was devoid of expression. “Zhen is the custom. You have three days to have those who should roll, roll.”

The original host was a workaholic.

This was because a new dynasty had just been established. The beacons of war were lit in the east today, and a rebellion followed the next day in the west.

Therefore, she was too busy to visit the rear palace.

Those men waited anxiously but didn’t expect the ruler’s imperial edict to send them away from the palace.

It was simply an exploded pot3.

Because these men mostly had a good family background, many were the beloved sons of essential officials in court, waiting to become emperor4.

This made them somewhat willing to leave.

One of the ministers5 kowtowed and said: “Your Majesty, if they didn’t serve well, asking to please grant them pardon.”

Bai Weiwei glanced at the time. It was dark.

Her time was precious, and she didn’t want to spend it on these unimportant people.

She got up, ready to leave. Her voice was frosty. “Zhen has never seen them. What serving or not serving? Do not let such words be passed around. Perhaps you think that zhen is very inconsistent and licentious6.”

The official knelt. “Asking Your Majesty to retract the decree.”

Bai Weiwei lifted her foot to move. “If you want to kneel, then kneel, but zhen does not care for midnight snacks7. They helplessly watched the Bai Weiwei walkout.

Suddenly, she stopped. The officials watched her with too pitiful gazes.

But only heard Bai Weiwei’s warm voice, “Zhen does not need a rear palace. In this life, zhen only needs one person. He is worth the world.”

With that, she left.

Leaving behind a pile of kneeling officials who didn’t eat midnight snacks.

Bai Weiwei perfectly showed off, then returned to the resting chambers.

She entered the resting chambers and noticed that the attendants weren’t present. She called out softly, “Yunian?”

A cold wind blew from the windows, and the candlelight flickered. A slender, indistinct silhouette lay on the bed.

Bai Weiwei approached and pulled open the gauze curtain.

His back was turned to her. He wore a thin robe, and his long and toned legs peeked out from beneath.

Her body stiffened.

He suddenly turned around. The robe was not tied and was wide open.

The man’s white chest was exposed. With a jade-like complexion, the scene was full of enticement.

He gave her a faint glance, his lips pursed. He suddenly revealed an unnatural but alluring smile.

“Your Majesty, does what you see please you? Yunian will serve Your Majesty tonight.”

Bai Weiwei and the system: “…”

Feng Yunian’s brows furrowed, correctly showing an expression that evoked people’s pity and protective instincts.

“Your Majesty, am I not beautiful?”

Bai Weiwei looked at the thick rouge powder on his face, all the blush on his cheeks.

Then she looked at the peony hairpin over his ear.

If others wore this, it would be so hideous it could make ghosts cry.

But unexpectedly, he could break the mold and not have such a shocking effect.

Bai Weiwei noticed his icy expression. Fearing that his favorability would fall, she could only crush her conscience and aesthetic sense into dregs.

Then she spoke each word with a bitter expression: “Beautiful, you are the most beautiful.”

Feng Yunian smiled. He stretched out a hand and pulled her onto the bed.

“Asking Your Majesty to treat Yunian carefully.”

Bai Weiwei desperately reached out to the system. “Tongzi, I can’t gnaw on big red cheeks, ah.”

Then silently turned away.

Too spicy eyes, it didn’t dare to look.

1: 恭敬不如从命: obedience is a better way of showing respect than outward reverence/politeness.

2: 冷宫: a place reserved for consorts who fell out of the emperor’s favor or committed a grave, unforgivable crime.

3: 炸了锅了: an exploded pot means to be lively and chaotic.

4: 君后: 后 lit. rear or behind/back, it is traditionally used to describe a queen or empress, but of course, in this matriarchal world, it would be referring to the empress regnant’s partner.

5: 大臣: a cabinet minister would be in charge of a cabinet/ministry. Such an official would be higher up in authority than most other officials in the court.

6: 花心滥情: 花心 lit. Flower heart. Romantic, unfaithful, or promiscuous. 滥情: lit. Excessive/overflowing/indiscriminate passion. Fickle in love or sentimental.

7: 宵夜: a late-night meal, usually eaten anytime between 9 PM to 4 AM. I’m assuming she says this because morning court is running long and she’s impatient to leave (and brush up that favorability).

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