MGCH Chapter 687

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The Empress Regent’s Enchanting Consort (19)

He had wanted her to feel pity, but he didn’t expect her reaction to be so intense.

It made him unsure of how to continue.

Afraid that he wouldn’t believe it, Bai Weiwei suddenly twisted her body off the bed.

Feng Yunian sat up but saw Bai Weiwei hurrying back. She tripped on the veil and fell onto the bed.

He immediately reached out, wanting to help her.

But halfway, he suddenly frowned and withdrew his partially outstretched hands.

He only felt loathing for her. How could she affect his mood?

Bai Weiwei didn’t see his movement. She lifted her head, then reached out and handed him a command token1.

“Take it. Whoever bullies you will be put to death.”

Feng Yunian stared at it, not knowing what it was for a moment before he saw the token in his hand.

A golden “heaven (天)” character.

His fingers shook. Even he, someone with such sinister thoughts, nearly revealed his real emotions.

This was… the empress’s command token2.

Beheading first before informing the empress, commanding the royal guard, freely entering and leaving the palace3.

It was like being in the presence of the empress.

This token had the same effect as the imperial jade seal4.

Feng Yunian tightly clutched the token. This was the power he had always wanted.

He had thought of it day and night.

He released the token, his tone gentle as he said, “Your Majesty, how could such an important thing be given to me? Please take it back.”

Bai Weiwei lay on her back with her hands behind her head, her brows raised, and her eyes full of a willful shine.

“If I say I’ll give it to you, then I’ll give it to you. We haven’t even held a wedding ceremony yet, so how can you nag as though you’re already my husband?”

Feng Yunian pursed his lips, but he continued to try. “Your Majesty, this is too precious…”

Bai Weiwei impatiently turned her head away. “Well, if it weren’t precious, I wouldn’t give it, ne. If you feel uneasy taking it, then give me something as compensation, ba.”

Feng Yunian’s eyes looked warm, but the emotions within were entirely still.

“What does Your Majesty want me to do?”

Bai Weiwei tilted her head to look at him. “Smile.”

Feng Yunian was puzzled, “En?”

Bai Weiwei smiled widely. “Just like this. Smile at me.”

Feng Yunian felt doubtful. It was just this?

He tried to show a faint smile, elegant and soft.

Exuding an unspoken, but deep, love.

Bai Weiwei shook her head. “Not like that. With happiness.”

Feng Yunian hesitated, then tried to smile more brightly. 

Bai Weiwei heaved a heavy sigh. “I can’t even laugh.”

Saying this, she lunged at him. Her hands reached out to tickle his armpits.

Feng Yunian, successfully caught off guard, couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

His features relaxed, his smile lit up, and the darkness in his eyes dispersed.

Bai Weiwei released him. She cupped his face and said, satisfied, “That’s right, ah. My man needs to be happy, like this.”

Feng Yunian had never laughed so freely. He pursed his lips, his breathing irregular.

His heartbeat also began to speed up.

He was silent for a moment before he smiled again.

This smile was different from the brightness from before, but it was like a slowly unfurling blossom. The initially gentle and delicate face became elegant and noble.

They were still the same features as before, but they were vivid and bright.

Bai Weiwei, bewitched, dazedly stared at him.

Feng Yunian calmly lowered his head. His breaths brushed across her face. “Then thank you, Your Majesty. I will accept this gift.”

Bai Weiwei’s face turned red. She turned her head, somewhat flustered. Then, feeling a little agitated, she immediately pretended not to care.

“What thank you, my man doesn’t need to say thank you. Alright, sleep, ba.”

Saying this, she pulled the quilt up, then turned on her side with her back facing him.

“I know you’re not ready, so I won’t touch you until after we are married.”

Feng Yunian gazed at her beautiful figure from behind and couldn’t help but laugh again.

Who would have thought that this woman, who was so unwavering when killing, would be so pure.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 0.】.

He belatedly realized with a start that he had laughed too much.

Feng Yunian’s eyes gradually cooled again. The smile at the corner of his mouth turned somewhat crooked.

He looked down at the token in his hand.

Was this not better, to use her to get everything that he wanted?

And one day, he would be able to stand at the top.

“Hurry and sleep, ba.” Bai Weiwei’s words suddenly interrupted his dark contemplation.

Feng Yunian watched her stretch out her hand to pull most of the quilt towards her side.

His heart inexplicably warmed.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 5.】.

Or perhaps, if he succeeded later, not killing her was alright.

1: 令牌: a wooden token of authority. They were used as an identification of one’s status/rank or clan affiliation, as well as the power to enjoy the privileges that come with that status.


2: 天子: the son/child of heaven, another term for the emperor. I believe this is because the imperial family is sometimes said to be descended from immortals/the heavens/decreed as the rightful ruler by the heavens?? Don’t quote me on that.

3: 先斩后奏,指挥禁军,自由出入宫廷: all of these are EXTREMELY rare and valuable privileges. Such privileges are usually limited to the imperial family (or even to just the emperor himself), or on the rare occasion, very highly trusted officials that have performed a worthy deed or are much favored.

4: 玉玺: used to stamp official documents and edicts, I believe? To hold the imperial jade seal is equivalent to declaring oneself as the emperor or having the authority of one.

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