MGCH Chapter 689

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (21)

The palace suddenly bustled with noise.

Feng Yunian’s eyes flashed coldly.

The attendant couldn’t block the wave of people pouring in.

“I want to see which thousand-year fox spirit1 has bewitched Her Majesty!”

A crowd of all sorts of men, their heads adorned with flowers and faces covered in colored powders, rushed in.

They were as alluring as peonies, or perhaps as delicately beautiful as lilies. With them squeezing inside, the resting chamber immediately became full to bursting.

Feng Yunian stood, indifferent but cold.

He coolly glanced at these men, each with a unique charm. His heart couldn’t help but coldly snort. 

Bai Weiwei truly was not lacking in beauties2, ah.

The men looked at Feng Yunian sitting on the bed; his black hair draped across his shoulders. Despite not being dressed up, he looked calm and elegant.

He expressionlessly watched them.

It was as though he was looking at a group of dead people.

One of the men said fiercely: “Was it you who incited Her Majesty to send us out of the palace?”

Feng Yunian didn’t reply. He simply stood up without any sense of urgency, then grabbed the outer robe next to him. His movements were graceful as he dressed.

When he turned to look at the group of men, he revealed a cold smile.

Didn’t Bai Weiwei say that she could dismiss the harem, so long as they were a pair?

He still didn’t believe that she would go to that extent.

If all these men were killed, would she still be so calm?

Feng Yunian knew logically that he should endure while feigning kindness, and even generously advise Bai Weiwei to rethink sending away the harem.

But he didn’t know wh,y at the thought of this woman being kind to others, even if it was a false display of affection, the jealousy in his heart couldn’t help but stir.

Feng Yunian knew that it wasn’t affection for Bai Weiwei.

But rather that he was too selfish in nature. As long as he was treated with kindness, he couldn’t help but want to seize it without letting go.

Even if he didn’t like Bai Weiwei, he also wouldn’t allow her to be kind to others after being kind to him.

One man couldn’t endure Feng Yunian’s contempt.

He rushed up to Feng Yunian, reaching out a hand to slap him. “Slut, do you think that by climbing onto Her Majesty’s bed, you can be favored?”

Feng Yunian easily caught the other’s hand and used a bit of strength to bend it. The man screamed and fell to the ground.

He smiled at the men’s crowd, then suddenly asked: “Does Her Majesty often bestow her favor upon you3?”

Jabbed in their soft spot, several men cried out: “Her Majesty has never come to the rear palace. What ‘bestowing us with favor?’”

Feng Yunian was caught off guard.

He didn’t expect that Bai Weiwei hadn’t gone to see even a single person.

A faint joy floated up in his heart.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 10.】.

Feng Yunian smiled, then his eyes suddenly turned sharp and sinister. He steadily gazed at all the men.

He then took out the command token and said to the attendant next to him: “Send over fifty royal guards, ba.”

The attendant kneeled in awe and fear and complied.

Fifty soldiers soon arrived outside the resting chambers, dressed in fine armor and surrounded by a menacing aura.

They had all fought alongside Bai Weiwei in the flames of war and were loyal to her.

Feng Yunian held the token branded with the “heaven” character. His expression was mild and gentle, but the look in his eyes was as sharp as a knife, entirely unlike that of a sheltered man4.

The voice ringing through the resting chambers was utterly ruthless.

“Seeing the command token is like seeing Her Majesty. I order all of you to take these men and beat them to death.”

He was going to test her bottom line, step by step.

If he washed her harem in blood, would she still be willing to like him?

When Bai Weiwei heard the sound of the favorability rising, she was bored watching the people below arguing in circles.

“Your Majesty, ah, if you expel all the men in the palace, how will they get married?”

Bai Weiwei let out a yawn. “All of you are high-ranking officials, yet your sons still can’t get married?”

1: 狐狸精: fox spirit; a vixen, or a seductive woman.

2: 艳福不浅: to have a lot of good fortune in love affairs; to have a beautiful girlfriend or wife.

3: 临幸: a personal visit by the emperor.

4: 深闺男子: boudoir man? I’m assuming this means a man who was raised to be sheltered/pampered at home.

Cheese: translating this chapter was abnormally smooth going, and its got me going like 


“no research? No spending hours on a single chapter? Did I miss an entire page of text?? WHERE IS ALL THE ANCIENT ERA VOCAB”

Piper: That happens sometimes, mainly with chapters with a lot of dialogue and descriptions. But ya, they’re even rarer in ancient arcs Orz


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