MGCH Chapter 690

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (22)

The ministers paled in fear. “Your Majesty, good men do not marry two women. The day they become Your Majesty’s men, so they will be their entire lives.”

Bai Weiwei: “Zhen has never touched them. Zhen does not want people coming to bump porcelain1 for an entire lifetime.”

The ministers felt too aggrieved. “How can our sons marry in the future, ah? What woman would dare to take in one of Your Majesty’s men, ah?”

Bai Weiwei: “Zhen will make an announcement. Whoever marries these men in will be rewarded an official’s position. Zhen assures that your household will be as lively as a vegetable market.”

When she dissolved the harem, the favorability rose.

Now, she itched to take these men that she’d never seen before and throw them out of the palace.

The ministers became agitated once again. “How could an official position be awarded over such a trivial matter!”




Bai Weiwei helplessly plugged her ears. These court officials were as noisy as a pack of animals.

Suddenly, several attendants ran forward in a panic, fell to their knees, and cried out: “Not good, Your Majesty! Lord Feng, he… he beat all the men in the rear palace to death!”

Bai Weiwei stood up at once. “What?”

The officials in the court stilled.

It was quiet for a moment, and then it suddenly exploded.

“What happened to my son? Say it again!”

“Flogged to death? Who gave him such a right?”

“Kill him to avenge my son!”

Many of the men in the rear palace were sons of court officials.

So hearing that their sons died, several fainted on the spot.

Bai Weiwei hurriedly rushed over to the rear palace. From a distance, she could spot the resting chambers.

Beneath the red tiles and white walls stood Feng Yunian, dressed in white robes and his demeanor gentle and elegant.

He looked up and saw Bai Weiwei coming closer. His handsome face revealed a trace of a smile.

But his eyes were as dark as ink and terrifyingly cold.

The floor beneath his feet was stained with blood.

The imperial guards had finished flogging the men to death and were removing the bodies.

And Feng Yunian stood before these corpses, watching on unfeelingly.

Bai Weiwei felt her feet go soft. She said to the system: “Why do I feel like the current capture target is a bit fierce and cruel?”

Wasn’t this a matriarchal plane, wasn’t the male lead weak, ne?

System: “The system fell face-first at a critical moment, goodbye.”

Bai Weiwei: “?”

System: “The system fell face-first at a critical moment, goodbye.”

Bai Weiwei: “…”

This petty system. She just laughed at it twice, and it went on strike.

Feng Yunian calmly watched Bai Weiwei, seeming to be waiting for her reaction.

The ministers who followed behind witnessed their sons’ miserable deaths.

Immediately, someone grabbed a knife from an imperial guard, madly slashing at Feng Yunian.

“Payback for my son’s life!”

Feng Yunian stood without moving; his pitch-black eyes fixed on Bai Weiwei.

Did she get angry?

Suddenly, the knife flew out. It was Bai Weiwei who flicked her sleeves forward.

She wrapped her arm around his waist and brought him into her arms. Then, she said to the officials.

“Alright, all of you leave, ba.”

All the ministers cried in grief: “Your Majesty, our sons have died miserably, yet you still protect this lowly person.” 

Bai Weiwei looked at these indignant ministers and pursed her lips. For a moment, she said nothing.

Feng Yunian silently watched her. His bottomless eyes were filled with sinister calculations, as well as a fragile uneasiness.

Suddenly she relaxed her grip on his waist.

He looked at her, somewhat disappointed. Was she… abandoning him?

But the next moment, Bai Weiwei drew out the sword of a soldier beside her and held it in front of Feng Yunian.

There was a brutal and stern iciness on her beautiful and enchanting face.

“Enough. All of you roll out of the palace. All of these men of the rear palace had offended Zhen’s beloved consort; to only be flogged, their deaths were already merciful enough.”

Their deaths were already merciful enough.

This once sentence was full of icy killing intent.

The officials stared at Bai Weiwei, bitterly disappointed.

But she didn’t change her mind. Instead, she directly stabbed the knife into the stone brick.

The knife’s dazzlingly white blade reflected the minister’s blanched faces.

1: 碰瓷: a form of fraud, in which the person committing fraud holds a porcelain vase and causes the victim to bump into them and damage the “precious” vase. The scammer will then extort the person of money.

2: Onomatopoeia for noises.

Cheese: dang, I wonder how much force it would actually take to stab an entire ass knife into a piece of stone. Can someone get back to me on this.


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  1. Well some ppl use their hands to break bricks. So using a sword would be hopefully easier XD

    1. It’s actually more difficult. Since they’re breaking into two, you need only to use the proper techniques and train your hands. Swords, on the other hand, CAN actually stab concrete, but it depends on the durability, strength and sharpness of the sword.

  2. This was so cruel and ruthless of him. How scary. I can’t wait for the ML to suffer by the end of this arc 😊

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