MGCH Chapter 695

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (27)

Feng Yunian thought of their meeting.

Bloody and full of hostility.

But she said she was overjoyed.

Bai Weiwei squeezed his fingers. “I like you the way you are. Wicked or not wicked, it’s all you.”

Feng Yunian’s lashes fluttered even more. The wall in his heart was broken again and again.

This woman, did she know what she was saying?

Such words would make him start to believe.

“Your Majesty, could you wait outside?”

Bai Weiwei was silent for a moment before she nodded and said: “I’ll leave. You can torture her1 to vent your anger. It’s fine if you tear her body to shreds.”

Feng Yunian’s eyelids drooped, and his voice softened. “En.”

As she went out, she kicked Leng Lianqing several times, shattering the bones in her hands and feet, preventing her from harming Feng Yunian.

What part of her mind did Feng Yunian not understand? He watched her figure as she trustingly walked out.

The expression in his eyes couldn’t help but turn gentle.

Leng Lianqing’s mouth was filled with blood. She looked at Feng Yunian with horror and disgust.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability is at 30.】

“What did you use to poison Her Majesty? For her to be at your beck and call2.”

Feng Yunian didn’t speak. He walked towards the candle and trimmed the wick, allowing the candle to burn more brightly.

The flickering candlelight further illuminated the eerie and malevolent3 expression on his face.

It was a gentle and beautiful face, but it was as twisted and ferocious as a demon’s.

When Leng Lianqing saw his appearance, instead of feeling terror, she laughed loudly. 

“If Bai Weiwei saw the way you look now, wouldn’t she be disgusted? What a hideous monster.”

Feng Yunian approached her, reached out, and stuck a golden needle into her flesh.

“Didn’t you educate this monster?”

Leng Lianqing’s body quivered. “You’re just a dog. How dare you treat me this way?!”

Feng Yunian smiled, and the hatred on his face melted away, unexpectedly looking pure and gentle.

“Power is such a nice thing. Before, you made me live like a dog; now, I can torture you to death.”

Feng Yunian finished speaking, his expression gentle. “And even if I’m as hideous as a monster, Her Majesty still loves me. This is something you can only envy.”

All of Bai Weiwei’s actions gradually wore away his extreme vigilance.

He was hideous, wicked, and vicious.

Yet she still defended him.

The sense of security from being loved so recklessly by someone was like a poison.

Making him plummet and sink.

It felt so wonderful to be loved by someone.

Feng Yunian’s smile was calm and elegant. “Although I would be happy to torture you, I want to leave soon so I can drink with her.”

With that, he watched Leng Lianqing begin to melt.

This gold poison could completely melt people.

A heart-wrenching scream came from inside the resting chambers. Not long after, it was peaceful once more. 

Feng Yunian walked out. White snow fell outside the palace.

The woman standing outside the entrance had her back to him. Her long hair draped on her shoulders, and her slim figure was straight and graceful.

Seeming to notice something, she turned around.

“Are you in a better mood?” Bai Weiwei asked.

Feng Yunian thought that she would ask about Leng Lianqing’s condition.

But her eyes were filled with his reflection, as though his mood was more important than a human life.

Feng Yunian’s eyes were somewhat wet. “When I was young, my nanny sought to gain merit4 and revealed that my blood could heal Feng Ling.”

He walked forward, step by step.

“She betrayed me, so I killed her.”

“Feng Ling humiliated me without end and used me like a dog. I hated her, and I wanted to kill her.”

“Leng Lianqing tortured me until I was on the brink of death5. She is the person I hate the most.”

These words should be hidden away in his heart and shouldn’t be said.

But today, seeing her tender eyes full of affection.

He finally caved, and all his grievances and sufferings poured out.

He finally stopped in front of her. “Will you abandon me in the future? Betray me?”

Bai Weiwei sighed. “Fool.”

Then she reached out and hugged him tightly.

Then, in a softer than snow voice, “Even if I betrayed the world, I could not turn my back on you.”

Feng Yunian was stunned for a long time. His heart was pounding like a drum, each beat striking down his last line of defense.

He finally gave up struggling.

He reached out to hug her and buried his face in the crook of her shoulder. “Your Majesty, I trust you.”

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 35…40, 45.】.

1: The raws said “him,” but I think it’s a typo.

2: 言听计从: one’s words are obeyed, and one’s plans are followed out; to be obedient.

3: 森然幽诡: ghastly & silent + insidious/treacherous.

4: 邀功: invite + merit. I’m told this means to take the credit for someone’s achievement, but that doesn’t sound quite right here.

5: 求生不得求死不能: lit. can’t live and can’t die; fig. between a rock a hard place.

Cheese: ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ a salute to our cannon fodder.


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