MGCH Chapter 697

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (29)

Feng Yunian turned to look at her. Her face was white and delicate, and her black hair fell past her ears. Her entire being looked less overbearingly gorgeous.

And more soft and beautiful.

He suddenly couldn’t help but say softly: “Your Majesty?”

Bai Weiwei was still reminiscing about the book in her hand, which contained fascinating stories.

Suddenly, the book in her hand was taken away.

Then, a hand pressed on her shoulder, and Feng Yunian’s delicate face came closer.

His eyes and brows were gentle and soft, and his pupils were extremely clear.

Feng Yunian’s eyes were half-lidded as he gazed at her intently.

He took in the sight of her trembling lashes, the delight in her eyes.

How nice. There was still a person in this world who was willing to love him.

Feng Yunian realized that happiness was just this simple.

Even the power that he had continuously had on his mind couldn’t move him.

Outside the palace, several more ministers had fainted.

While they kneeled, they had kneeling pads1, people to hold up umbrellas to serve them, and handed water and meals.

When they were tired, they could even take a break.

But the civil court officials were used to a pampered upbringing2. How could their bodies endure kneeling in such heavy snowfall for so long?

So the number of people who couldn’t bear it and fell gravely ill began to grow.

Suddenly, the palace gates opened.

The eyes of the ministers who had insisted on kneeling brightened. At last, the empress could not withstand the pressure to give way to them.

With one victory, they could then obtain more significant initiative.

From the palace gates came a person sitting on the empress’s palanquin3.

A procession of attendants followed.

When the palanquin stopped, it stopped in front of the ministers.

On the palanquin sat a man, with one hand placed on the chair, and dark eyes carrying a slight gloom.

It should be a pure and handsome face, like running water and white clouds.

But the menacing look in his eyes gave people a chill down their backs.

“Ministers must have a lot of spare time. Her Majesty is in the middle of dealing with some complicated matters. Even if you are not going to lend a hand, you come here to force the empress?”

Feng Yunian’s gentleness was for Bai Weiwei alone.

Seeing these people, who would only give Bai Weiwei more troubles.

The killing intent in his heart couldn’t help but rise.

A minister leading the group said: “You demon consort, you killed my son. I absolutely won’t give you a good death. Where is Her Majesty? How can you be seated in Her Majesty’s palanquin?”

The ends of Feng Yunian’s eyes rose, and the chilliness in his gaze poured forth.

“Kneeling must have muddled her mind. Someone come, beat her to death.”

Kill the minister at the head to set an example to the others4.

As unpleasant as it sounded, even if all the officials were beaten to death.

The iron-blooded army in Bai Weiwei’s hands was enough to protect the country.

He hoped that the court would stabilize, allowing a new wave of young officials to step forward.

Just allow these older women to live for a few more days.

But if this group of women were not obedient, then he would be forced to kill them.

Because if they weren’t willing to yield while they were alive, they would be useless and harmful to Bai Weiwei. It was only natural to eliminate them.

Feng Yunian smiled coldly.

Very soon, the blood of that minister stained the ground.

The people in the imperial palace were dirty.

The rest of the ministers trembled.

Who was not afraid of death? If they weren’t so scared of death, why would they surrender to Bai Weiwei?

And allow her revolt to succeed?

Feng Yunian raised his chin and revealed a mocking sneer.

“All right, all of you kneel and accept the imperial edict, ba.”

He had written the imperial edict and even used the imperial jade seal. Bai Weiwei only said lightly, “Go, I trust you.”

How could she stir up his heart so?

When Feng Yunian thought of her, the past’s filthy palace now felt as beautiful as a paradise5.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 55.】.

Written in the edict was every crime committed by the men in the harem.

The men in the harem were always at odds6.

Those who were not favored, to gain power, framed each other.

Not many of them had clean hands.

1: 跪垫: cushions? This specific term refers to kneeling pads used by ministers of the Qing dynasty when kneeling before the emperor. The only results that came up were photos for shopping sites, so I don’t know what they’re historically supposed to look like, but here’s one picture I found that looks at least kind of fancy-ish.

2: 养尊处优: to live like a prince.

3: 轿辇: something like these? Sedan chair + emperor’s carriage.

4: 杀鸡儆猴: lit. kill the chicken to warn the monkey; fig. to punish an individual as an example to others.

5: 世外桃源: The Land of Peach Blossoms? A work by Tao Yuanming that talks about a fisherman accidentally coming across 桃花源, Peach Blossom Spring, a hidden land of peace and prosperity. Figuratively, it refers to a paradise or utopia.

6: 自相残杀: to massacre one another; mutually harmful strife.

Cheese: oh man, I come back to mgch after a few weeks (months) of focusing on mstp, and it’s really kinda mindblowing how authors can have different writing styles. what’s even more surprising is that I can tell?? that they have different styles? *pats self on the back*

Piper: Ya, some use more idioms, or references to Chinese literature. Other’s will like big sentences, small sentences, big or small paragraphs. People favor words or phrases, or they like certain ways to format talking. PUP (Picked up by the Protagonist of a Tormented MC Novel) was vastly different from MGCH, it was also a bit harder to translate in some ways. Google doesn’t like big paragraphs all that much.

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