MGCH Chapter 698

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (30)

Feng Yunian was all too knowledgeable about these shameful secrets. This was what had happened while Bai Weiwei wasn’t even very interested in the harem.

If Bai Weiwei had gotten involved in the rear palace, the power struggle1 would have been even more intense.

After reading the edict, Feng Yunian said: “These are your good sons, killing innocent people in the rear palace and casually killing off attendants. It is heaven’s law and earth’s principle2 that I beat them to death.”

Naturally, the ministers were not convinced by this decision.

But Feng Yunian didn’t need them to be convinced, because this edict was for the people outside the palace, for the common people.

As long as Bai Weiwei’s image as the empress was not damaged, and she proved that she had not become an incompetent ruler after pampering him.

Let these low-brow older women bounce around as they please.

They were unable to harm her.

He didn’t know how many schemes and intrigues he had carried out since he was born, how many people had been killed.

So he could see through these things even better than Bai Weiwei.

Feng Yunian spoke in a calm and cold voice when he finished. “If you continue to kneel without leaving, I shall send you on a journey3.”

The ministers glanced at their colleagues who had died in the snow.

A chill ran through their hearts.

Finally, some people couldn’t bear it. After kneeling in salute, they were shakily led away by their attendants.

One person left, two people left. Finally, the few that remained were those who couldn’t move.

They were all thrown out onto the road by Feng Yunian’s vicious means and decisive actions4.

As a man, he never admitted defeat.

Feng Yunian returned to the resting chambers and saw Bai Weiwei with furrowed brows as she flipped through memorials.

When she saw him, her eyes lit up. She rushed towards him and stuffed a stack of memorials into his hands.

The memorials in his hands were very light, but they gave him a heavy feeling.

“Your Majesty, this is?”

Bai Weiwei pulled out all of the government affairs that needed to be addressed.

She also placed her imperial jade seal and other items in a conspicuous location.

“You’ll handle these in the future, ba; I’m about to die from all these headaches. Oh, that’s right. The memorials cursing you, I’ve thrown them all away. You don’t have to read them.”

Feng Yunian, somewhat bewildered, said: “But this is the empress’s privilege, not mine.”

Bai Weiwei picked up a novel with great interest. She looked as though she had no interest in governing the country.

It wasn’t easy to find a relaxing world plane.

She wished she could go on vacation every day.

“Husband and wife are one, ah, what’s mine is yours. Jiayou.”

Feng Yunian thought that she was only letting go of the power allowing him to deal with people outside the palace, but he didn’t expect that she would give him control of the entire court.

“Your Majesty, the ministers, have all returned home, and I have had people spread the word about the evil deeds of the men who were beaten to death, so as not to damage your brilliance.”

Bai Weiwei lifted her head, smiling brightly. “I know you’re the most intelligent. You’re able to handle these difficult matters.”

Feng Yunian’s ears flushed red at her praise. He somewhat embarrassedly averted his eyes.

“Your Majesty, if you’re tired, then I shall assist you in handling government affairs.”

She trusted him to this extent.

How could he fail to live up to her trust?

Even if she wanted him to become a knife, to uproot all the obstacles in court; And let her become a genuine empress that would remain eternal through history5.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 60.】.

Bai Weiwei, completely unaware of Feng Yunian’s lofty ambitions6, happily agreed.

Then the following days were all about muddling along, eating and waiting to die, and brushing up the favorability.

“What a glorious day, ah. Let the happiness flow in a bit more fiercely, ba.”

System: “…Take care that that extreme happiness doesn’t kill you.”

Bai Weiwei: “If it’s happiness, then come hit me, hit me, ba.”

System: “…”

Other people’s hosts were wise and powerful, killing in all directions.

Why was its host so shameless? And it was still as poor as hell7.

The system sighed. If only it hadn’t fallen face-first on the ground. It was true that a single slip could cause everlasting sorrow.

1: 争权夺利: the scramble for power and profit.

2: 天经地义: right and proper; a matter of course.

3: A journey [to death]==I keel you.

4: 雷厉风行: lit. pass like thunder and move like the wind; swift and decisive reaction.

5: 名垂青史: to stamp one’s name on the page of history; to be crowned with eternal glory.

6: 雄心壮志: lofty ambitions and magnificent aspirations.

7: 穷的响叮当: Poor + jingle/clanging. The 响叮当 is referring to the banging of (empty) pots and pans.


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