MGCH Chapter 699

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort  (31)

Bai Weiwei spent the following days switching between teasing Yunian, muddling along, waiting to die, and back to teasing Yunian. This went on for half a month…

The favorability also rose to a sweet, sweet level of seventy.

At this rate, she could completely fill the favorability meter in less than four months.

Feng Yunian finished dealing with government affairs and then glanced at Bai Weiwei lying fast asleep on the chair beside him.

He had asked her to go rest.

But she insisted on waiting for him.

Feng Yunian picked her up. Her soft body filled his heart with a warm sweetness.

During this period, he held immense power, with the ability to stir up1 the court.

He promoted talented new officials and reformed several corrupt policies.

Recently, he had started development on agriculture and irrigation projects and plans for tax relief.

At first, he wanted to use his power to act willful and reckless2, but now he only wanted to protect this new dynasty adequately.

He had to safeguard her country.

He placed her on the bed, but Bai Weiwei suddenly woke up. She rubbed her eyes. “Is it dark?”

Feng Yunian gently massaged her scalp. “En, it’s late. Go to sleep, ba.”

Bai Weiwei squinted her eyes in satisfaction. “I have to go out tonight.”

Feng Yunian’s movements paused. “Where?”

Bai Weiwei got up and let out a yawn. “To give you justice.”

Feng Yunian didn’t understand. “To give me justice?”

Very quickly, he found out what she meant by giving justice.

Bai Weiwei wore a black robe, looking valiant and heroic as she rode a horse. Following behind was the ferocious-looking imperial guard.

And Feng Yunian sat behind her, hugging her waist, and followed her to the Leng manor.

When Leng Lianqing died, the Leng family had made a big scene.

But they had all been kicked out by Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei flicked her whip and said: “Leng Lianqing bullied you, and these people of the Leng family have nothing good. After casting the net for half a month, I’ve finally caught them all.”

Feng Yunian’s gaze was complicated. He looked toward the Leng manor.

He thought of the humiliation from the past.

A chill ran through his heart, and a desire for bloodshed surged up.

The Leng family had deep roots; he hadn’t dared to touch them for the time being.

He didn’t expect…

Bai Weiwei waved a hand. “Go, leave no one alive.”

The imperial guards were loyal. They rushed in and began to massacre the Leng family.

Bai Weiwei sensed that the man behind her had stiffened.

She reached for the fingers around her waist.

“Don’t be afraid. I know of your suffering, and I’ve heard of their disgraceful conduct. Just thinking about it makes me wish I could tear these bitches apart.”

Feng Yunian’s voice sounded somewhat choked up. “The Leng family’s collapse will lead to many problems.”

Bai Weiwei: “No matter how many problems there are, it’s nothing, so long as you are here.”

Feng Yunian hugged her tightly and buried his face in her back.

He suddenly whispered: “I hate them. I hate those princesses, and I hate those princes. I hate the Leng family that suppressed and humiliated me.”

Leng Lianqing’s methods were the most vicious.

He had been abused in every sort of manner.

Even more hateful were his brothers and sisters and his Mother Empress sitting on the throne.

They ignored him, leaving him to call for help in vain.

But his hatred for Feng Ling was bone-deep3.

Because the better off she lived, the worse off he was.

She was kept healthy by siphoning his blood.

He would never let these people off.

He had thought that it would take many years to get revenge.

But one person, like a savior, came into his life.

Bai Weiwei’s sympathetic voice flowed into his ears. “It’s alright. In the future, there is me, ne. I will help you get your revenge.”

A great blaze roared as the Leng house burned.

But Bai Weiwei, mounted on the horse, had no time to care about others. Instead, she took great pains to comfort the fragile Feng Yunian, who was hugging her without letting go.

Feng Yunian hugged her even more tightly. “Your Majesty, let’s go into the forest.”

There was a forest not far off from where they were. Bai Weiwei rode in, not thinking much of it.

As soon as they entered the woods, Feng Yunian gave her a hug, then dismounted.

Bai Weiwei didn’t have her guard up.

A fine layer of sweat appeared on his forehead.

It was the first time that Feng Yunian had the thought of wholly occupying a person for himself.

She caused him to sink into an abyss and fly off into heaven.

He even dreaded that she wouldn’t want him in the future. What would he do?

He didn’t dare to think about it, or else he would go crazy.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 75.】.

1: 呼风唤雨: to call the wind and summon the rain; to stir up trouble.

2: 肆意妄为: to behave unscrupulously.

3: 恨之入骨: to hate someone to the bone.

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