MGCH Chapter 700

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort  (32)

“Your Majesty?”

Someone outside the forest suddenly shouted.

It was the leader of the imperial guards.

Feng Yunian’s fierce movements stilled. He gasped as he stopped his bold actions.

He had never expected to take the initiative to this extent.

Bai Weiwei’s breath was also unsteady. Her face was completely flushed, and her eyes were covered in a layer of mist.

Feng Yunian, seeing her appearance, felt his throat tighten.

The two were relatively quiet. Feng Yunian was even somewhat nervous.

Would she think that he was too bold?

But Bai Weiwei pursed her lips and put her hand on his shoulder.

A trace of surprise flashed across his expression.

Bai Weiwei moved away from him with a smile in her eyes: “I am very fair. You once, me once.”

Feng Yunian felt as though his heart had been kissed by a gentle breeze and warmed by sunlight.

All the negative and violent energy in his body had melted away.

Bai Weiwei brought him outside and grabbed a portable lantern she had had someone bring over.

She said: “Let’s go back, ba.”

Feng Yunian gave her a profound gaze and said with a smile: “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Late at night, it was snowing again.

Feng Yunian held up an umbrella, while she, carrying the lantern, walked underneath.

The light of the lantern shone dimly on the woman’s beautiful face.

He felt his heart uncontrollably beat faster.

“Your Majesty, how high is your favorability for me?”

Bai Weiwei looked up and saw the man’s elegant features and deep, brooding eyes as he asked in a soft voice. It brought out more feelings of tenderness and affection.

Her expression softened. “Not much and not little. Ninety-nine, ba.”

Feng Yunian’s eyes darkened. Ninety-nine was quite a lot.

He should be satisfied.

After all, to want the empress to put him in her heart and reach a ninety-nine point.

Very few people could do it.

Moreover, she still had the country in her heart.

Just as he thought this, he saw Bai Weiwei lower her head, revealing a snow-white neck. This stretch of delicate skin was more dazzling than the snow.

Then he heard her mutter to herself, somewhat vexed: “How could I say one hundred? At one hundred, you will win the country. At that point, I’ll be worthless, and you won’t want me.”

Feng Yunian stared at her in astonishment, suddenly remembering their bet.

If he made her fall in love with him.

Then she would offer up the country.

He couldn’t make out what the feeling in his heart was. It was strange, warm, and exhilarating.

Bai Weiwei kept her head lowered. Not hearing his response, she anxiously looked up. “That, wait until we get married, then I’ll reach one hundred. At that time, you won’t be allowed to throw me away.”

Men did not have the right to ask for a divorce.

Feng Yunian wondered how someone could be this cute. It made his eyes sting.

The suffering of the first half of his life could be exchanged for his encounter with her.

It was an excellent profit for him.

“Your Majesty, I don’t want this country.”

He suddenly discovered that he didn’t feel half a point of unwillingness when he spoke these words.

There wasn’t even a feeling of sacrifice.

There was only relief.

“So long as you continue to treat me like this, then that is fine.”

Feng Yunian pursed his lips. His face was as white as ice and snow, but the smile in his eyes was as intoxicating as the warm sun and wind.

Bai Weiwei took his hand and couldn’t help but use force.

She held the lantern up, illuminating the road ahead. Her facial features were stunning, and her voice was clear and pure.

“Do not worry. If there is heavy snow and great winds ahead, I will block them for you.”

This sentence was more than just “being good to you for a lifetime.”

It was filled with a woman’s sense of taking responsibility.

Feng Yunian’s slight smile was as warm as jade. He tilted the umbrella towards her, blocking the falling snow.

“Your Majesty, let us walk the road together.”

He also wanted to shield her, to guard the country for her.

Cheese: so the only word used to refer to the country has been 江山 (jiangshan), but now im wondering if that’s the country’s name (like the Sahara Desert or chai tea)? Oh well


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  1. “Jiangshan” probably means “The world” as people in Chinese movies about ancient times use this all the time. They refer China only as to “The world”

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