MGCH Chapter 701

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (33)

Bai Weiwei shot him a dazzling smile. “Alright.”

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 80.】

Upon their return, Bai Weiwei doted on Feng Yunian even more.

When he grew tired of reading memorials, she poured hot water and served tea.

When he handled government affairs until late at night, she would bring him midnight snacks.

When he needed to quell the aftermaths of the rebellion, she gave him the authority of a general.

The system felt as though it had been blinded by this sickeningly sweet dog couple.

Before, it had always been “abuse if you want to live.”

Now, they came to such an easy-breezy1, singles 2 abusing world.

It couldn’t stomach this.

The male lead was so easily captured–his favorability just casually rose to eighty degrees. What an easy man.

It couldn’t hold back from nudging Bai Weiwei: “You just transferred all your power to the male lead? Aren’t you afraid that he’ll have a change of heart?”

Bai Weiwei was feeding Feng Yunian pastries.

“Yunian, ah, open your mouth.”

Feng Yunian had his head lowered, in the middle of reviewing a memorial. He absentmindedly opened his mouth to accept the pastry in her hand.

Bai Weiwei’s fingers trembled as they withdrew.

Although Feng Yunian’s head was bowed, the flush of his ears couldn’t be suppressed.

The two glanced at each other at the same time, smiling sweetly in tacit understanding.

The neglected, single system: “…the last twenty points are the hardest to get. You’ve already given away the military. If something unexpected happens…”

Bai Weiwei smiled fondly3 as she picked up a cup of flowering tea4. “Yunian, drink some tea. This flower is good for your stomach; you should drink more to stay healthy.”

Feng Yunian lifted his head and took a sip.

“It’s sweet.” His expression was gentle as he spoke with a smile.

Bai Weiwei looked at him affectionately. “Not as sweet as you.”

The flush in Feng Yunian’s ears spread. He ducked his head, trying to hide the light dusting of pink on his face.

【Ding. The male lead’s favorability has increased to 82.】

System: I’ve never seen such an easily captured male lead. He was bribed with just a cup of tea.

Bai Weiwei returned to her senses. “Did you say something just now?”

System: “…”

Bai Weiwei: “Weren’t you the one who wanted to start a cold war?”

System: It started a cold war, and she didn’t give a hoot about it. What cold war?

Bai Weiwei: “It’s okay if you want to continue your cold war, ba. I and my family’s Niannian don’t care at all.”

The system which was just struck with another wave of sweet abuse suddenly became haggard and pale.

It felt as though it had a fake host.

In fact, it didn’t have a host at all. When other families’ hosts noticed their system was being silent, they would be anxious and afraid.

Or perhaps show concern.

Its host couldn’t wait for it to disappear.

The system could feel something hot pouring out of its eyes.

It was the loneliest system in history.

How sad.

Meanwhile, a carriage appeared outside the palace gates.

The curtain of the carriage was pulled away by a slim and white hand. The person behind the curtain was partially visible.

Her voice was colder than snow.

“Let Bai Weiwei come see me. She once said that if she conquered the country, then she would ask me to marry her5.”

The cold voice held a sense of arrogance.

“If I am willing to make a bet, I must accept my loss6. She has taken my country, so I will marry her.”

Bai Weiwei, in the middle of grinding ink, suddenly heard the system’s voice.

【Is the love of an old red rose or mosquito blood7? You once promised her the country, a lifelong vow. Now that the world and the people within are not the same as before, has your heart changed?】

【Side quest: An Old Love Returns to Love, Love, Love.】

Bai Weiwei’s face was slack: “???”

【Please immediately welcome Feng Ling gongzhu into the palace. After marrying her in as empress, raise the other party’s favorability to above eighty.】

【If the mission fails, both the host and system will be dropped from an altitude of ten thousand meters and fall face-first with the force of gravitational acceleration. May you share your fortunes8 and hardships9 as a family of host and system bound by deep emotions10.】

The system and host: Deep emotions, your uncle. This pit was as bottomless as the sea and could blow you sky-high. Why don’t you go be lovey-dovey yourself?

1: 顺风顺水: drifting with the wind and the current.

2: 单身汪: slang for a bachelor.

3: 柔情似水: lit. tender and soft as water; fig. deeply attached to somebody.

4: 花茶: flowering/scented tea? Tea made with bundles of dried tea leaves and flowers. I’m not personally a fan of floral teas, but the pictures sure are pretty.

5: 委身: to give oneself wholly to, to marry. 下嫁: (for women) to marry a man of lower social status.

6: 愿赌服输: lit. if you agree to bet, you must accept to lose.

7: 红玫瑰还是蚊子血: a reference to Zhang Ailing’s novella “Red Rose, White Rose.” Here’s the synopsis (taken from Karen S. Kingsbury’s translation, with minor edits):

“Maybe every man has had two such women – at least two. Marry a red rose, and eventually, she’ll be a streak of mosquito-blood smeared on the wall, while the white one is moonlight in front of your bed. Marry a white rose, and before long, she’ll be a grain of sticky rice stuck to your clothes; the red one, by then, is a cinnabar mole just over your heart.”

8: 有福同享: to share in each other’s fortunes.

9: 有难同当: to share the same fate.

10: 相亲相爱: to be kind and love one another; bound by deep emotions.


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