MGCH Chapter 703

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (35)

The guards scrambled out of the way.

Under the light of the sun, her expressive, beautiful face was so dazzling that one could not look away.

Feng Ling, sitting behind her, looked at her somewhat blankly.

She felt that this woman was a bit different from before. She no longer feared and respected her1.

There was no feeling of being cherished.

But this unyielding self-confidence was even more striking.

【Ding, Feng Ling gongzhu’s favorability has reached 65. The mini side task: enter the palace is complete.】

Bai Weiwei’s face darkened. She wasn’t happy at all.

Because next came the pitting2 task of brushing up the favorability and marrying in Feng Ling as the empress.

What made her want to cry the most was that Feng Ling was a woman, ah.

Was this forcing her to be a lily3?

It seemed that BG4 were unable to satisfy the main system. Moral integrity had been fed to the dogs.

System: “The reason that Feng Ling gongzhu’s favorability is 65 is that before, she used to be secretly in love with the original host, and the original host was also secretly in love with her. The two of them arrogantly refused to yield, and things developed to the point of rebellion…”

The system narrated the past love-and-hate relationship.

Bai Weiwei expressed, scram, don’t wanna hear it. My ears are rotting.

The affections between women didn’t need to be narrated to her. Not listening, not listening, not listening!

Thinking about how Feng Ling liked women, goosebumps rose on her skin.

She didn’t discriminate against GxG or BxB love, as long as she wasn’t involved.

After stuffing Feng Ling into the cold palace without speaking even half a sentence with her, she immediately had a guard watch her.

“You absolutely must not let her come out and walk around. If she dares to come out, tie her up.”

Bai Weiwei summoned a group of imperial guards to surround the cold palace.

If she let Feng Yunian see, she reckoned the favorability would fall all the way down to zero.

Feng Ling was the person he most hated.

Feng Ling was furious. “Bai Weiwei, I’ve lowered my dignity to come to you. What is this attitude of yours?”

Yet Bai Weiwei was fiercer than her. “Don’t you see my attitude? If you dare to go out, I’ll break your legs. Stay here and don’t make trouble. Bye.”

Saying this, she hurried out with a cold expression.

She still hadn’t brought the chicken soup, ne. With Feng Yunian’s demon-level keen senses, it’d be strange if he didn’t notice anything.”

Feng Ling watched her heartlessly departing figure.

She suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable. Previously, she had always carefully fawned over her.

But now, she treated her so coldly.

Feng Ling’s heart soured.

Feng Yunian placed the memorial to the side, absent-mindedly looking at the door.

Was the chicken soup still not finished cooking?

Could it be that… she had something else going on?

Was there something that he shouldn’t know?

Feng Yunian read the memorial. Suddenly, he couldn’t stand it.

There was a sudden movement on the other side of the door, as well as the sound of hurried footsteps. Feng Yuanian immediately returned to his upright sitting posture.

Then he picked up a memorial and pretended to be reading.

His restless heart finally settled down.

Bai Weiwei entered with the chicken soup. She smiled. “I’ve been gone for so long, did you miss me? The chicken soup needed more time to cook before it could taste good.”

She placed the chicken soup on the desk, then picked up the bowl to serve.

Feng Yunian promptly got up and took the bowl in her. “I’ll do it, Your Majesty.”

As he took the bowl in her hand, he suddenly paused, his expression inscrutable.

Then he lowered his head and silently ladled out the soup. As though wanting to hide something, he took a few sips.

Bai Weiwei asked with a smile on her face: “Is it good?”

Feng Yunian raised his head, his beautiful black eyes fixed on her.

“Where else did Your Majesty go just now?”

Bai Weiwei was extremely composed. “Just the imperial kitchen, nowhere else.”

Feng Yunian gazed deeply at her.

She calmly returned his gaze.

After a while, Feng Yunian smiled faintly. “Drink soup, ba, Your Majesty.”

Saying this, he took a few more sips and said softly: “This soup is delicious.”

Bai Weiwei spoke in a calm voice, “Then I’ll drink it too, see how good it tastes.”

Feng Yunian couldn’t hold back a smile, but there was a hint of bitterness.

He could smell the scent of the cotton rose5 flower on her body.

Until now, he had only smelled the scent on one other person.

Perhaps it was just a misunderstanding. Perhaps she had only passed through the garden and picked up the scent there.

But he knew. In the cold of winter, all the flowers had withered.

1: 诚惶诚恐: as one would a king or emperor.

2: 坑爹: pit + dad LOL but I think this is the “digging a pit for myself/someone else” term you often see in Cnovels.

3: 百合: slang for girl’s love (GL) or homosexual women.

4: Boy + girl pairings, as opposed to BL or GL.

5: 芙蓉: Hibiscus mutabilis, also known as the confederate rose, the cotton rose, or cotton rosemallow. Originally native to SE China and the adjacent countries but now found on all continents but Antarctica.芙蓉花什么时候开,芙蓉花一年开几次花—【发财农业网】


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