MGCH Chapter 707

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (39)

Just as Bai Weiwei walked away, a tall and slender figure emerged from behind a wall.

He watched Bai Weiwei’s departing figure, then looked down at his unclenched hands.

His palms were seeping blood from the fingernail imprints.

Did it hurt? 

Feng Yunian felt that even the pain was numb.

He walked into the cold palace and saw Feng Ling sitting dazedly in a chair, her face haggard.

Feng Ling suddenly raised her head and saw Feng Yunian standing before her.

He was expressionless, and his gentle and handsome face gave off a dark hostility.

Feng Ling immediately entered battle mode. She snorted: “You saw? Lowly thing.”

The words “lowly thing” had always pricked Feng Yunian.

But now, he unexpectedly felt nothing from it.

The most painful moment was probably when he heard Bai Weiwei say: “So what if he’s a substitute? You don’t love me, so I can only let you go.”

At that moment, he felt as though his heart were plunged into icy water and cast into a raging fire.

Crushed into fragments of ice, burned into ashes.

All that sweet spoiling was fake. From the start, he had been a stand-in, ah.

And it was for the person he hated the most, Feng Ling.

Feng Ling looked at his hateful face. The two of them were so similar.

But her looks leaned towards gorgeous, while his were innocent and pure.

It was an eyesore.

“Weiwei is only using you as a stand-in. To her, I am her most beloved person.”

Feng Ling spoke sharply and recklessly.

Her proud and arrogant appearance made the look in Feng Yunian’s eyes grow savage.

“Shut up.” He icily commanded.

Feng Ling put on a ridiculing smile. “You’ve been my shadow ever since you were little. You are my slave, an ant under my feet. Did you think that you could soar to the skies by climbing up Weiwei?”

Feng Yunian staggered back, his face twisting. “I told you to shut up!”

Feng Ling spitefully continued: “You didn’t think it, ba? This face that resembles mine is the key to winning her favor.”

The red in Feng Yunian’s eyes burst. He grabbed her neck, and his voice grew dark and hoarse.

“Feng Ling, my martial arts are better than yours now. I could easily kill you.”

Gripped by neck, Feng Ling’s face grew red, yet Feng Ling still used all her strength to hiss out a laugh. “Feng Yunian, I feel so sad for you. Weiwei is mine. She loves me.”

Feng Yunian’s heart was torn apart by these words.

Endless darkness and chill entered in a flood.

His voice quivered as his rage reached its peak. “Shut up! She’s mine!”

She was so good to him. She gave him a new life and future.


Feng Ling was completely unafraid. She spoke in between gasps: “How… pitiful, ah…if you dare to kill me… hehe, are you not afraid she’ll… hate you?”

When Feng Yunian heard these words, an image of Bai Weiwei’s hateful expression seemed to flash before his eyes.

His fingers trembled violently, and he released his grip on Feng Ling’s neck.

Feng Ling became even more brazen. She gave him a mocking laugh. “With your ugly appearance, do you think you’re worthy of being at her side? Don’t overestimate yourself.”

For the first time, Feng Yunian was hit so hard, he didn’t dare to strike back.

He recoiled a few steps in shame, then abruptly turned and left.

Feng Ling smugly watched him leave.

Feng Yunian returned to the resting chambers and found Bai Weiwei sitting in a chair, eating pastries.

When she saw Feng Yunian, she promptly picked up a pastry. Her eyes held a warm smile.

“Yunian, where did you go? Come and eat something.”

Feng Yunian stared at her blankly. He was caught off-guard when his mouth was stuffed with a piece of cake.

“Is it tasty?” she asked gently.

Feng Yunian could only taste bitterness.

He opened his mouth to speak, but the question wouldn’t come out.

In the end, he could only reply faintly.

“Tasty, it’s sweet.”


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