MGCH Chapter 708

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (40)

“Yunian, you and I are alike. Both of us have the sort of temper where, once we are moved, our emotions persist, and we can never let go or escape from them.”

Who was speaking?

Feng Yunian dazedly looked forward. A man dressed in an emperor consort’s1 clothing stood by the lake.

His voice was indistinct, sounding both far away and close.

“I worry about your disposition. If you meet the right person, to be together for a lifetime will be the greatest blessing..”

Feng Yunian suddenly remembered who this man was.

His pupils constricted, and he immediately chased after him.

No, no…

“But if you meet the wrong person, it will be a disaster.”

Feng Yunian reached out to clutch his robe, but it was too late. That man jumped into the lake and sank.

His eyes shot open. His pale face was covered in a cold sweat, and his brilliant eyes were hazy.


He remembered. His father had met his beloved person and gave birth to him.

But that woman brought men, one by one, into the palace.

His father could not accept it. He personally poisoned the woman who had betrayed him.

When he failed, he threw himself into the lake and drowned himself.

Feng Yunian lowered his gaze, looking at the wounds on his hand.

His deep and icy gaze held a crazed viciousness.

Once he fell in love with someone, he would unhesitatingly jump into the fire, like a moth to a flame, no matter how ruthless the other was.

And even if the other party betrayed him, he could not abandon them, and he would continue to love as he had before.

Loving no matter what.

This was where he was most similar to his father.

Feng Yunian sat on the couch bed for a moment, before pressing down his intensely brewing thoughts, donning a robe, and leaving.

There was a small office outside where government affairs were dealt with. He stood by the door, watching Bai Weiwei holding a brush. Her beautiful black hair, wrapped in a hair tie, flowed down her back.

He couldn’t move his eyes away from that slender, beautiful back.

Sometimes she would frown, sometimes she would smile. Her expressions barely changed.

But Feng Yunian greedily stared.

His heart was sour and pained, but he still couldn’t help but love her.

He even had a wild thought: so what if he was a substitute?

Before Feng Ling appeared, didn’t she have a particularly strong affection for him?

So long as the genuine product was not there, she would have no choice but to choose the substitute.

It was too dark and insane.

Feng Yunian pressed it down.

Bai Weiwei turned her head to look at him and immediately set down her brush. “Yunian, look at this.”

Feng Yunian was slow to react. He was silent for a moment before he slowly walked over.

She took him by the hand and raised her head to say with a smile: “What about this garden layout?”

Feng Yunian looked down and saw the blueprint on the desk.

The drawing was extremely detailed. The pavilions, the bridges, and the flowing water all looked exceptionally comforting and beautiful.

Bai Weiwei explained warmly: “This is a southern layout. I just thought that, when the two of us go out for the summer holiday, you can have a place you like.”

Feng Yunian’s biological father was from the south.

So the things he liked tended to have the warm and graceful designs of the south.

Feng Yunian blinked. He opened his mouth, as though wanting to say something.

He looked at the drawing, unable to speak.

Could someone truly be this good to a substitute?

How could she be so good to him?

【Ding, Feng Yunian’s favorability is 85.】

Bai Weiwei: “Heihei, spoiling and pampering really is king. The favorability is smoothly going up.”

The system went silent. It wanted to remind her, but it looked at the system rules above its head and shut up.

1: 君后: 君 can be used to refer to a monarch or ruler, but it can also mean “gentleman” or “lord” (as in Lord XX). 后 in this context typically means “empress.”


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