MGCH Chapter 713

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (45)

Bai-mute-and-suffering-from-love-Weiwei: ……

“I feel like there’s still something I can do,” she told the system.

The system, who was eating spicy strips, said: “I think it’s time for your top acting skills to come into play.”

Bai Weiwei: “?”

System: “At the pinnacle of acting, words and body language are all superficial things. Silence is the true key to acting.” 

Bai Weiwei expressionlessly looked at the system. “Come on, make a expression that says ‘I love you.’”

The system was silent for a moment.

Suddenly, a line of subtitles floated in front of Bai Weiwei’s eyes that read: #LoveYou

“In the silence, in the void, my love for you is clear.” The subtitles read softly.

Bai Weiwei turned to the system. If she posted subtitles, could she still look like a lovelorn dog?

But even if it was possible, she wouldn’t dare to do it.

Who knew if Feng Yunian, a guy with a brain problem, would brand her as a monster and burn her.

In the following days, Feng Yunian was very content and disciplined.

He fed her, combed her hair, cut her nails, and even dressed her.

He was very well-behaved and so gentle even when bathing her, making sure he wiped her body without obscenity.

This made Bai Weiwei perplexed. Could this guy not get it up?

Or was the 88 favorability for friendship and not love?

What was more bizarre was the rise in favorability.


Bai Weiwei wondered, if she lied flat until the end of the mission, would the favorability fill by itself?

“Your Majesty, the garden you assigned to me is already under construction.”

Feng Yunian carried her to the Imperial Garden pavilion that was decorated with soft chairs, carpeted floors, and warm, charcoal stoves everywhere

He dressed and wrapped her like a ball in warm, white fox fur.

He started to make tea.

Outside the pavilion, it was snowing.

Bai Weiwei sat weakly on the chair and looked at him blankly. A slight sadness filled in her eyes and her pale face was a little haggard.

After a long time of captivity, it was no surprise that her spirits were low.

Feng Yunian finished brewing tea and held it to her lips. “Your Majesty, drink some of the tea that was brewed with this year’s first snowfall.”

Bai Weiwei’s eyes flickered with vacillation and she felt hesitant to show her feelings.

He ignored it all and persistently fed her sips of tea.

Bai Weiwei thought that if this continued, then she wouldn’t be able to fully fill the favorability by the deadline.

She needed to make a breakthrough!

When Feng Yunian wasn’t paying attention, she raised her weak hand and slapped away the teacup in his hand.

This action overexerted her strength, and she couldn’t help but gasp in a low voice, her beautiful and sharp face flushed.

Feng Yunian stared blankly at the broken teacup by his feet.

He looked up and muttered, “Your Majesty, are you blaming me?”

Bai Weiwei’s eyes softened helplessly.

How could I dare to blame the one I love the most?

This was a silent gaze full of affection.

But in the next second, her eyes were covered by his warm hands.

Bai-mute-and-blind-Weiwei: ……

Haha, she won’t use the top acting technique of silence anymore. Who’s dumb enough to try it again? She was now mute and blind. Let someone try to play out “I love you” while mute, blind, and paralyzed.

I’ll call you Daddy on the spot!

Feng Yunian’s voice was hoarse and tremulous. “Do you blame me? You might blame me for making you like this, but I can’t help it.

Bai Weiwei: …..

Feng Yunian’s voice filled with madness. “I killed Feng Ling. I know you hate me. I ruined your body, held you in captivity, all so that you can’t go anywhere.” 

Bai Weiwei: …..


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