MGCH Chapter 718

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (51)

Feng Yunian finally couldn’t hold it in anymore, and his gentle expression fell.

His body also lost all strength and knelt down. He stretched out his hands in fear and gripped her legs.

Then rested his head on her knees.

“Your Majesty, I was wrong! Please don’t hate me.”

He couldn’t stand her hating him.

He had thought his heart was as cold as stone and he was able to face any difficulties… But only when facing her was his heart as fragile as the snow under the warm sun, able to melt at any time.

Bai Weiwei stiffened, “Let go.”

Feng Yunian didn’t let go and gripped her even tighter. He trembled fiercely, looking very pitiful.

“As long as you don’t leave, I will bear all your beatings and scoldings without fighting back. You can torture me to vent your anger.” His humble words couldn’t hide his anxiety.

Bai Weiwei clenched her fingers and took a deep breath, seeming overwhelmed.

“Enough, Feng Yunian. I said to let go. Haven’t you thought about the consequences of these actions?”

Feng Yunian pursed his lips and continued to hug her legs tightly, not daring to answer.

He was in the wrong.

He was jealous, and he wanted to be a double with her all his life.

So he had started killing.

But he would rather be killed himself than let her go.

Bai Weiwei seemed to be tired from struggling and finally laid down halfway with a tired face.

“Forget it, do whatever you want. It doesn’t matter if you usurp the throne or kill me.”

Feng Yunian looked up, red-eyed, “Why don’t you believe me? You are my only emperor! I will not let anyone surpass you.”

Bai Weiwei’s face was extremely pale and her lips were a light pink.

She looked down at him softly and the complex emotions in her eyes flashed by.

Finally she sighed softly, “I’m tired.”

Feng Yunian got up immediately, just about to wait for her to rest.

But Bai Weiwei waved her hand strenuously, “Go down.”

Feng Yunian’s hands paused and he stood foolishly for a while before he said in a melancholic tone, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

After speaking, he stepped back two steps.

He stared at her greedily, worried about not seeing enough. He looked until he stepped back and his back met the door and he tripped on the threshold, nearly falling down.

He had to muster all his strength to prevent himself from turning around. 

As soon as he walked out, Bai Weiwei vomited a mouthful of blood.

If Feng Yunian had stayed for a bit longer, then she probably couldn’t have hidden her poisoning.

“Tongzi, how’s it going?”

System: “Well. Your old subordinates already know that you have been kidnapped, and they have brought the iron cavalry to the imperial guards’ side.”

Bai Weiwei nodded and vomited another mouthful of blood. She calmly wiped it with a handkerchief.

She heard the system say: “Oh, the glass heart1 of your palace is squatting outside of the door and crying silently again.”

Bai Weiwei said earnestly: “This is not because I abused him deliberately. I have not acted poisonous. I have tried my best for him, intending to make him hate me so then he can live on after I die.”


Your mother2 will obviously torture him to death, then seize the opportunity to let him know about her sacrifice. 

Which was fine, the favorability was soaring to the sky.

The system expressed that it has seen through its host’s routine.

Feng Yunian had only dared to guard outside the door, but when he heard Bai Weiwei was not eating, he thought that she was sleeping.

He couldn’t help it and stepped in the room again.

When he saw Bai Weiwei lying lazily on the bed, her face was even more lusterless and her lips almost colorless.

She raised her eyes, which sharpened when they saw him.

Bai Weiwei’s voice was faint and hoarse, “Get out.”

Feng Yunian was shocked by her refusal. He couldn’t utter a word and silently suffered.

He realized she didn’t like him anymore.

She harbored not even the slightest bit of love for him, even as a pet.

1 – 玻璃心 internet slang that means heart is as fragile as glass.

2 –  尼玛 (ni ma) another internet slang that means either “come on!” or “basically”… the mtls translated this as so many different things, it was both comedic and a pain in my butt lmao.


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