MGCH Chapter 719

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The Empress Regnant’s Enchanting Consort (51)

The self-appellation changed from “I” to “zhen.”

Sometimes, he felt that he couldn’t continue on.

He had always been a vicious and selfish person, one who didn’t know how to repent after making a mistake.

Feng Yunian knew that he had no regrets after killing those people.

His suffering was only because she blamed him.

“Your Majesty, let me see you.”

Bai Weiwei felt a mouthful of blood bubbling up her throat. She waved a hand. “Go. Leave.”

She was about to cough up blood again.

Feng Yunian’s eyes reddened. There was a sort of bitter madness within.

He forcefully pressed down the raging beast in his heart.

“Your Majesty, don’t push me away anymore. You can blame me, you can hate me, but please don’t push me away.”

Bai Weiwei was somewhat lightheaded. She coughed, her brows knitted together.

Feng Yunian hurried towards her and reached out to touch her. “Your Majesty, what’s wrong?”

But Bai Weiwei reflexively slapped his hand. “Out of my way.”

This rejection caused him to thoroughly go insane.

“His gaze turned fierce and violent. “You hate me that much? You won’t even touch me? Is Feng Ling that great?”

He was jealous, madly jealous.

The fact that he wasn’t the only one in her heart made him angry to the point of being unable to sleep.

How could she coax him with sweet words, rendering him beyond redemption?

And come running over, looking for her so-called “true love”?

Feng Yunian tightly gripped her hands, an angry sneer on his delicate face.

“I won’t go. If you won’t let me touch you, I’ll want to touch.”

Saying this, he lowered his head, wanting to kiss her lips.

Bai Weiwei cursed. She wanted to vomit; she couldn’t, in good conscience, let him kiss her.

Vomiting into someone’s mouth, wouldn’t it disgust that person?

She turned her head, frowning, and bitterly endured.

Feng Yunian thought she was going to struggle. His eyes red, he tore her clothes as he shouted in a choked voice: “Don’t struggle, you’re mine now! No matter what I do to you, you can’t escape!”

He spoke these lines worthy of an overbearing president as he looked close to crying.

Bai Weiwei powerlessly struggled. Her clothes half-torn, she helplessly reached up to slap his face.

She barely managed to slap his face once.

Then she vomited, and a mouthful of blood poured out.

Not spitting the blood onto his face.

Feng Yunian’s movements stiffened. He looked at her in disbelief.


His fingers tremblingly stroked her face. The fingertips, slick with her blood, shook violently.

Bai Weiwei gave him a weary and haggard look. Finally unable to endure, she spat out another mouthful of blood.

This poison really liked to make people spit up blood.

No wonder that she would be done for in three days. With this much vomiting, she’d probably cough up half the liquid in her body.

It’d be strange if she didn’t die.

Feng Yunian was distraught. His voice quivered. “How did this happen?”

He felt her pulse. “It’s not possible. The drug I gave you is harmless. How could you vomit blood?”

His mind was in chaos. He could feel that her pulse was abnormally erratic.

It held an air of death.

Feng Yunian was so frightened he didn’t dare to continue feeling her pulse. Flustered, he could only take out a bottle of medicine from within his robes.

It was an antidote for her lack of strength. He promptly administered the medicine.

“Eat it. Eat it and you’ll be fine.”

After Bai Weiwei ate it, her body was able to move.

The system reminded her, “It looks like the body can’t hold on any longer. This is the final burst of strength1; you probably only have about one hour left to move.”

Bai Weiwei: Dying faster than expected.

Then she coughed up another mouthful of blood. Feng Yunian’s pupils shrank. “What’s going on? You’ve taken the medicine. No, no, you’ll be fine.”

He immediately flew into a panic and began to turn over the medicine bottle.

Suddenly, he heard Bai Weiwei’s helpless but gentle voice: “Dummy, I’m fine.”

Saying this, she slapped him away.

Then, with quick movements, she tore up a strip of cloth and tied him up.

Feng Yunian’s face was blank.

Then he saw her calmly wipe the blood from the corners of her mouth and begin to change clothes.

It was the empress’s formal garb.

The black robe, fluttering like bird wings, was draped over her thin but upright body.

She turned her head and flashed him a beautiful smile.

“You say you’re not stupid, yet you still believed in those lies and nonsense. In my heart, there is only you, ah.”

1: 回光返照: fig. dying flash (of lucidity or activity, prior to demise/death).


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