MGCH Chapter 727

Translator: Ronaruto

Proofreader/editor: Cheese

Reality (5)

There was no one in the hall. Only he walked, alone. He looked up and saw the throne on top.

Suddenly his eyes burst with an unimaginable light.

Indifferent and crazy.

He ran up hurriedly and sat down on the dragon chair with his hands on the chair handle, clinging tightly.

She gave her life for this position.

It was a gift she gave him.

Even if everyone in the world opposed it, saying that men cannot become emperor, his Weiwei said he could.

Yes, he could.

Feng Yunian said hoarsely, “You gave this to me. No one can take it away.”

He was left with what she gave him, and he had nothing left.

He wanted to guard the country, the last thing she left behind.

Feng Yunian gave a sad smile, “They are bullying me, Weiwei.”

Those subjects bullied him.

Everyone couldn’t wait to pull him down from this position. He was exhausted and trembling.

Every day was very hard.

“But I can’t die. If I’m dead, the country you gave me will be taken away by others.”

Feng Yunian sat alone on the dragon chair, tears falling silently.

Without her pampering him, protecting him.

He was so cheap that he was nothing.

A little bit of sunlight entered the court hall and shone on his pale and haggard face.

He suddenly raised his eyes. The fragility and weakness in his eyes disappeared, leaving behind only a black killing intent.

Feng Yunian returned to the bedroom, put on the emperor’s formal clothes, and step by step, he agitatedly walked up to the court.

The ministers had already arrived.

Some people felt that today’s Feng Yunian seemed a little bit different.

Feng Yunian slowly sat on the throne, his posture calm and graceful, expressionless.

Some ministers said fiercely: “Your Majesty, this year’s drought has been devastating. There are already people outside the South Gate kneeling and requesting your Majesty to abdicate. Asking Your Majesty to think twice.”

Feng Yunian raised his eyes, and a little light appeared in his dark eyes, which were cold and sharp.

He curled up the corners of his mouth with a smile, and glanced over those who opposed him.

“Then kill them all.”

Starting today, he no longer cared about anyone, and did not give in for anyone.

He would let everyone know that if they opposed him or disobeyed him, they would die.

Because the one who was protecting him was gone.

There was only this large, lonely country left, this empty palace to accompany him.

He still had to live, live to guard her country.

[Recorded in later generations.]

Feng, the first male emperor in history, resolutely killed during his reign and resorted to torture and tyranny.

But he was skilled at governing the country and recruiting talents.

During his rule, the people were safe and healthy, and foreign nations bowed their heads to the court and praised them both inside and outside.

For his entire lifetime, the one surnamed Feng mourned the previous empress and remained chaste for her. He kept the name of the dynasty and adopted the Bai family of women and carefully cultivated them.

In the 20th year of his reign, he died of illness on the way to the tomb of the previous monarch.

After his death, he was buried with the previous empress.

The women of the Bai family complied with his wishes and took the throne, creating a golden age.

– – – – – – – – – –

Twenty years.

It was like a lonely soul guarding the boundless country for twenty years.

That kind of loneliness seeps into the bone bit by bit.

It was enough to drive anyone crazy.

When Ye Yuxuan woke up, for the first time he felt afraid of a dream.

And grievance…

Was it grievance?

His heart was sour and bitter, and he couldn’t say how he felt.

He just wanted to find her, then hold her and tell her how uncomfortable she made him feel.

Bai Weiwei was a little puzzled. She gently touched his head with her fingers, “What’s wrong with you? Who bullied you? Tell me, and I will help you bully them back, okay?”

Such a Ye Yuxuan made her feel strange, but also left her soft and helpless.

Author’s Note: One last update. Feelings in the real world are not blocked, so only Bai Weiwei in the real world will be tempted by Ye Yuxuan.

The feelings of the heroine will also only advance in the real world… In the separate planes, the main purpose is to push the ML’s feelings.

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