MGCH Chapter 730

Translator: Ronaruto

Proofreader/editor: Piper

Reality (8)

Her heart, somehow, was touched. There is a weird dull feeling.

She couldn’t help from rubbing his hair, consoling: “Maybe I will have this kind of dream in the future, so don’t be sad.”

Bai Weiwei thought Ye Yuxuan was a robot, face void of emotions.

She didn’t expect him to be a middle-aged young man with middle-school syndrome1

This realization narrowed the distance between the two of them.

Yes, she actually likes the Ultraman, Flower Fairy, and SpongeBob2.

She has the same hobbies as him, so it’s not hard to get along.

Ye Yuxuan’s neatly combed short hair had a few stray hairs because of her rubbing.

He didn’t move, just pursing his lips. There was a faint glow in his dark eyes.

Suddenly he sighed gently, and reached out and pressed her head to his shoulder.

His fingers moved down her delicate neck, without a hint of desire. There was a trace of sadness in his dark eyes.

“It’s better not to experience that dream.”

In his dreams, she never had a good ending.

Every lifetime, she died because of those men.

It’s a dream that he doesn’t want her to experience.

Bai Weiwei grinned in his neck and smiled stiffly, feeling that Ye Yuxuan’s mood was not quite right.

Was he always this passionate?

The system couldn’t help but interrupt, “The excitement has begun to drop, and if you continue to hug him, your life points will start feeding back to him.”

Bai Weiwei inhaled sharply before remembering this.

She was only thinking about Ye Yuxuan as her life source, and forgot that he could also be the death of her.

Bai Weiwei smiled stiffly, stretching out her hand slowly, and started to push him away inch by inch, slowly as not to alarm him.

Ye Yuxuan’s posture remained the same. She couldn’t push him away.

System: “When the excitement level is flat, you will start to lose points.”

Bai Weiwei became a little anxious, her voice couldn’t help but soften, “Ye Yuxuan?”

With her lovesick fiance pretense gone, her unfamiliar attitude towards him didn’t go unnoticed.

She called him by his full name.

Ye Yuxuan paused before letting her go.

Bai Weiwei became nervous. After all, her health was hard to come by. She traveled through so many planes, and to be honest, she was also tired.

Each plane demanded a lot of tasks and she had to work hard every time.

It was only now with great difficulty that Ye Yuxuan’s life value had let her recover up to several months worth of life points.

She simply wanted to take care of these hard earned life points, reluctant to lose even a single day.

But she was just holding him affectionately, and now that he had served his purpose, she turned around and pushed him away.

This was not to tell others that she had a special purpose in getting close to him.

She had to make persistent efforts and soften her voice, “You were hurting me.”

Her voice raised unconsciously towards the end, but with a hint of tenderness.

Ye Yuxuan’s heart was already fluctuating, but her coaxing caused ripples once more.

He couldn’t bear to let go of his hand that was holding her, but still reluctantly did so.

The ripples in his heart grew, and a similar unsatisfying mood left him a little dazed and silent.

Such strange feelings.

No matter how solid his theoretical knowledge is, he is still at a loss when facing joy, sadness, doubts, and dissatisfaction.

Everything is so new that he couldn’t handle it.

Obviously he was best at it before, dividing anything rationally into knowing what he wanted, then going through the steps to obtain it perfectly.

Only when facing Bai Weiwei was he as lost and ignorant as a newborn baby.

It seemed that only a smile on her face would make him want to hold on to it carefully, reluctant to cause it to fall even a little bit.

Those painful experiences in his dreams made him want to hold her tighter. 

Everything seemed to be a prediction.

Those men keep losing her.

Was he going to lose her too in the near future?

1: Also known as Chūnibyō, it’s where people, mainly middle schoolers, get into the delusion of thinking they have super powers and are a “hero” of sorts.

2: I have gotten clarification, SpongeBob was not mentioned in the previous chapter, BWW just wanted to express her love for SpongeBob. (Thanks White!)

Piper: TheWhiteBook helped me with the SpongeBob part, so those who read early, that has been fixed somewhat.


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