MGCH Chapter 734

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 The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (3)

She was beautiful, so when she turned eighteen she went to work in a bar and sent all the money she earned back home.

He Dongling started courting her at that time.

Young and pure, gentle and quiet, she was charmed bit by bit.

He Dongling later proposed and Bai Weiwei agreed.

After all, she experienced a lack of love from a young age. She would eagerly accompany anyone who shared a little warmth.

However, what happened next was beyond Bai Weiwei’s expectations.

The He family was a renowned clan, marriage to some barmaid was an unbecoming matter.

The He family elders blew up.

They frantically employed a variety of tricks to suppress Bai Weiwei, with the intention to break up her marriage with He Dongling.

Framed and shamed in all kinds of ways, she had to seek He Dongling’s help.

The result was even more melodramatic, it turned out that He Dongling didn’t like Bai Weiwei at all.

He married her just to hide his unusual lover. He liked his own father’s mistress, a woman he had to call little ma1.

Bai Weiwei was married to be used by him as a target.

They had been married for so long, but he never so much as touched her.

So he couldn’t wait for it. The more people bullied Bai Weiwei, the easier he could cover up his and his little ma’s dirty laundry.

Later, Bai Weiwei was accused of stealing jewelry and driven out of the family home.

Due to the deliberate suppression of the family, she was so poor that she had to return to the bar to work as a hostess.

He Dongling at this time faked an affectionate and pained expression.

He deceived everyone.

On the way to continue his affair with his little ma, he had a car accident. He Dongling fell into a vegetative state lying in a hospital bed.

Everyone thought that He Dongling had ran out to find Bai Weiwei.

His family grew even more disgusted with Bai Weiwei.

After sorting through these memories, Bai Weiwei had only one thing to say.

The original owner, Bai Weiwei, was the dog abused by a cat.

The He family, this group of sickening ancestral snakes caught her alone for a bite.

It’s unknown which crime the He family received retribution for.

But, after their crackdown on Bai Weiwei, the He family fell into a political storm. They were crushed to the point of bankruptcy.

Now the He family’s elders had escaped abroad.

He Dongling was still in a coma, waiting in hospital to die.

There was also He Dongling’s brother, He Nanxi.

When Bai Weiwei reached this point, she gave a standing ovation. There was true love in the world, there was true sincerity in the world!

That group of snakes should be living on the streets as beggars.

He Nanxi walked up to a cheap low key car, opened the door and glanced at Bai Weiwei coldly.

He was very disgusted with this noisy place.

The clamor of the bar environment, the appearance of the bar girls’ unrestrained forms. All of it came together causing his opinion of Bai Weiwei, his elder brother’s wife plummet.

Bai Weiwei seemed to be drunk, her steps were staggered and slow.

Thin high heeled shoes hit the ground, her two fair and slender calves were more conspicuous under the street lights.

Her hair was messy, her make up was heavy and her perfume was pungent.

But, her hazy eyes, were shrouded in a clear mist. Big, outstandingly beautiful eyes.

He Nanxi lowered his eyes, indifferent without any emotion.

Seeing her approach, he said impatiently, “Get in the car.”

Bai Weiwei got into the passenger’s seat, while he went to the other side and got into the driver’s seat.

The car smoothly departed.

Bai Weiwei suddenly reacted, “Dongling wants to see me?”

He Dongling was blackened slag, however he could disguise it especially well.

The original owner’s brain had shortcomings in its IQ. Even until now, she didn’t know that her husband married her for ulterior motives.

Bai Weiwei was very good at maintaining this character set.

She immediately wore a surprised smile. A heavily made up face, revealing an innocent little girl’s and charming expression.

Then she panicked, she took out her small bag and pulled out the makeup remover.

“Dongling doesn’t like too much makeup, I can’t see him like this.”

He Nanxi didn’t take off his mask, his eyes were gloomy as he watched the traffic ahead.


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