MGCH Chapter 735

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (4)

He ignored Bai Weiwei’s excitement.

He was away from home all year round and was very unfamiliar with Bai Weiwei.

Yet, he already disliked her a lot.

A rural hostess1, even if she was picked up by his brother.

After marrying into his family, he worried his home would see the heavens revolve and the earth turn2.

He was outside at that time and every day he would receive calls from his parents, each time they were scolding Bai Weiwei.

Plus his brother never offered any explanations.

Therefore, He Nanxi preemptively perceived that this sister-in-law, wasn’t anything good.

Not to mention, she could do other work, even if she left the He family home.

Yet she still ran to be a bar hostess.

His opinion of her became even worse.

“Nanxi, look at me, am I clean?”

She couldn’t seem to find the mirror and had a makeup remover in her hand, as she asked.

He Nanxi squinted, an icy light in his eyes.

But, he suddenly froze.

After the thick makeup faded, the clean, tender skin was exposed.

Occasional street lights flashed over her exquisite, naive face. A faultless beauty.

Even He Nanxi, a person who had seen many beautiful women in the entertainment world.

Was also momentarily dazed.

Bai Weiwei seemed to have some doubts, she bit her red lip, slightly embarrassed to look at him.

“It isn’t all off yet?”

Her eyes were extremely clear and her words weren’t too slow, gentle and sweet.

He Nanxi thought, she seemed to be the kind of woman who was old fashioned.

This result was so unexpected that he couldn’t accept it for a moment.

He kept his eyes open and continued to focus on driving, without answering Bai Weiwei.

It’s just that there was less cold disgust in his eyes.

Arriving at the hospital, Bai Weiwei was puzzled, “How is Dongling in the hospital?”

The original owner didn’t know that He Dongling had a car accident, she also wasn’t aware of the He family’s bankruptcy.

He Nanxi paused with his back to her, bowed his head, the whole person emitted a violent and gloomy aura.

“He had a car accident while searching for you.”

That was why he couldn’t forgive Bai Weiwei.

If it weren’t for her, his brother wouldn’t have become a vegetable.

Bai Weiwei: He Dongslag was out searching for his father’s mistress and received his just rewards. Not my gross matter.

If it wasn’t for this mission and the target being too sensitive.

She’d have already rolled up her sleeves, tied up He Dongslag and then hung up and beat the He family elders.

Unfortunately, if she did, He Nanxi was expected to desperately fight her.

Bai Weiwei had to reluctantly show a sad expression, she said unusually exaggeratedly: “What did you say? Dongling, because of me, became a vegetable?”

He Nanxi: “Just in the front ward.”

He had just finished, Bai Weiwei rushed past like a gust of wind, opening the door of the ward.

She saw a man lying in the hospital bed.

Once she determined it was He Dongling. She gathered the qi in her dantian, with a stomp of her feet, her entire body directly rushed over, pressing heavily on him.

Although He Dongling was in a coma, he also had a reaction.

Crushed by her his expression twisted and his tongue fell out.

Bai Weiwei immediately cried mournfully, like a pear flower in the rain. She squished He Dongling even more tightly, “Dongling, what’s wrong? You wake up, ah.”

Comatose He Dongling: “……” He felt like he was going to die.

He Nanxi had just walked into the ward and removed the mask, when he saw Bai Weiwei’s sorrowful look.

His heart couldn’t help but ease some.

Although the woman’s character was bad, at least there was some sincerity for his brother.

Still not completely rotten.

【Ding, male lead’s favorability is at -15.】

1: 里陪酒 – Li Pei Jiu, accompany for wine. An occupation wherein, usually women, drink with men for tips. From what I can gather their frequently, or at least not uncommonly, prostitutes. However, their not necessarily prostitutes, either. I couldn’t think of a great term for this, so I followed a friends suggestion of hostess. That could be subject to change as I don’t really know what hostesses do and my editor might.

2: The heavens revolve and the earth turn= An idiom meaning anything unexpected may happen. In case any readers forgot.


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  1. “If it wasn’t for this mission and the target being too sensitive. She’d have already rolled up her sleeves, tied up He Dongslag and then hung up and beat the He family elders.”

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