MGCH Chapter 736

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (5)

Bai Weiwei couldn’t kill He Dirtbag1, she could only blame her own light, perfect body.

There is no extra meat to punish this world class blind slag man.

From behind her came He Nanxi’s particularly distinctive and clear voice.

With a hint of impatient indifference.

“I brought the divorce papers, sign them quickly.”

His purpose in finding Bai Weiwei today was for the divorce agreement.

This divorce settlement was ready before Bai Weiwei even entered the family.

If not, Bai Weiwei would be threatened with death, not divorce.

The divorce agreement had long been effective.

He Nanxi heard Bai Weiwei’s cries stop.

She had her back to him. Her slim, thin back didn’t look ugly even in that cheap dress.

He threw the documents in his hand on the table, “You sign it, the agreement gives you some properties. Don’t be petty, all the family assets are now frozen.”

This storm.

The He family became the street rat that everyone shouted at.

He had always been off in the entertainment world.

He didn’t realize his own home had already been shot full of holes.

Additionally, he still didn’t know how they got recklessly dragged into matters of the political circle.

The situation couldn’t be overturned.

He Nanxi was also black listed. He thought he had so many fans, there was an agent flattering him and the company was there to protect him.

As a result.

The company immediately abandoned him, fans threw him away, the agent turned his back on him.

In one night, he got to clearly see how sinister peoples heart were.

Without his family, he was garbage.

No, without money, without power, he was trash.

Bai Weiwei’s body was stiff, she was nervously grasping He Dongling.

Her voice trembled with incomprehension.

“I’m not divorcing.”

He Nanxi stared at her coldly. Ice in his pupils, like a solid indifferent layer of frost, without a trace of emotional fluctuations.

“My family has no money, my brother is now a vegetable, you can’t think that you can still enjoy the glory and wealth of the He wife’s position.”

The apathy he experienced this time, let him see thoroughly and clearly, how disgusting other’s hearts were.

Bai Weiwei, a barmaid, fell to the point of hostessing.

Such a woman, she thought she could catch his brother and ascend to heaven?

He Nanxi’s thin lips, sarcastically hooked up,.

He was going to slowly destroy her dreams of wealth word by word.

“Do you know how much the hospital charges for my brother to lie here every day? Wait until the money in the account is gone. You are his wife, even if you have to pick up garbage, you must provide for him.”

The money for He Dongling’s medical expenses was still there.

Nonetheless, he was deliberately scaring Bai Weiwei, letting her know difficulties and when to retreat.

Bai Weiwei said softly and firmly, “I’m not leaving your brother.”

He Nanxi was already in a bad mood, now that he didn’t get the proper response, his voice immediately chilled.

“Are you still under the delusion that my family can give you anything? Don’t dream, the He family is bankrupt, you casually buy any newspaper and see my family’s bankruptcy matter.”

Bai Weiwei bowed her head and turned her back to He Nanxi.

She reached out gently to fix He Dongling’s quilt, her long hair fell past her shoulders.

He Nanxi only saw that when she stooped the dress opened a thin slit at her waist.

This kind of skirt with the opening on the back is very clever.

As if to seduce someone.

His dispassionate eyes swept past and saw a spattering of white exposed at her waist, delicate and lovely.

He Nanxi’s mood couldn’t help but sink, his tone became heavier.

“Are you deaf? If you don’t divorced, our family’s got a huge debt you’ve got to help pay back. If you want to pay it off with the dirty money you get from hostessing, it will take a few years.”

1:贺煤渣= He Coal dregs, I thought dirtbag got the ‘replace his name with an insult’ point across better and what is the waste of coal, but dirt?


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  1. Gotta admit, He Nanxi’s battle plan would be really effective against a proper gold digger. Unfortunately neither Bai Weiwei nor the original are this for cash.

  2. hmmm you know, this make me think of an hentai NTR plot, were the guy fucks his brothers wife while he’s in a coma, probably right next to his bed

    1. I’ll bet anything the hentai brother didn’t deserve it half as much as He Dongling though. Why do bad things seem to only happen to good people?

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