MGCH Chapter 738

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738 The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (7)

Most of his bad feelings about Bai Weiwei come from his loved ones.

Once the evaluation was found to be inconsistent, the favorability rose naturally.

Bai Weiwei’s back was to the door, she continued to speak to the vegetative slag with deep feelings: “Back then, when you were pursuing me, you talked about constellations. Saying that I was as beautiful as the stars in the sky……”

The System covered its ears: “Stop, stop, stop! No more of this embarrassing farce. Your sweet talk makes me so disgusted my soul could fly off.”

Bai Weiwei: “My son’s gone?”

System: “Your son?”

Bai Weiwei: “sister-in-laws have long acted as mothers, ah. This family has no elders left, so I must act as a good wife and mother. An elder brother’s wife, a beautiful, sinful temptation. I will treat Nannan as my own child.”

System: Mother, mother, mother. A beautiful, sinful temptation, a beautiful, sinful temptation…… How did this feel even heavier than the brother and sister-in-law love plane?

Why was it that the host’s head was full filthy ideas?

It was such a decent and serious system, it couldn’t have instilled these thoughts in her, ah.

Bai Weiwei released He Dongling’s hand, she calmly wiped her hands on his quilt.

“I really want to water the dirtbag to see if a person in a vegetative state can do photosynthesis, maybe he’ll grow to the heavens to live side by side with the stars.”

So many planes, she had seen so many slag men.

Only this comatose slag was different, unique in his superior craftsmanship.

She really hated not to kick him in the face a couple times.

System: “Isn’t he still useful? He is the bridge of communication between you and your son.”

Bai Weiwei nodded, “Yes, but what about last planes side quest reward? How come I have to remind you every time? Are you trying to pocket it for yourself?”

The system was shocked, it ran to the trash can in the corner.

Flip it over, flip it over.

From a pile of cheap scrap goods, it finally found a reward that could just barely be of use.

Only hated its former self that saved too much.

Too reluctant to throw out good things.

Consequently, it couldn’t find anything expensive in the garbage.

Fortunately, Bai Weiwei didn’t know, if she aware that its previous hosts could get rewards everyday.

Wouldn’t it be stuffed in the trash?

【Host please accept the side quest reward, one Song Queens Voice, you laughter will be sweet as honey and you will be counted as the best singer.】

Bai Weiwei: “What do I want this thing for? Should I go busking for a few more coins on the street?”

System: I tried so hard to turn over the trashcan to find it, just to be ignored.

Bai Weiwei: “forget it, it’s better than nothing.”

System: “……”

– – – – – – – – – –

He Nanxi was resting with a splitting headache.

He didn’t dare to go online, didn’t dare to look at Weibo, didn’t even dare to write on WeChat.

He would only find enough bad comments to cover the heavens and earth.

When did he suppresses new people, act as arrogant as a diva in the company and bully people using his family’s power?

The songs he wrote were clearly already red1, even in foreign countries.

He’d been nominated for international awards, his career was likely to reach new heights.

But in the end, because the He family was crushed, everyone unscrupulously took advantage of his trouble to splash him with dirty water.

As a result of his stigma, the foreign judges directly removed his song that was most likely to win.

Now, scolding He Nanxi had become the entertainment industry’s political task.

Anyone who came and stepped over him can gain some relevance.

Whether it was real or fake, who cared.

Suddenly the phone rang, He Nanxi confusedly opened his eyes, his chest was tight.

He looked at the phone, which kept ringing and hesitated before answering.

It was the voice of his agent.

“Don’t blame me, Nanxi. Whoever speaks up for your house will be suppressed, The He family offended someone no one else is willing to provoke.”

He Nanxi’s eyes were cold.

“Did you call me just to say this nonsense?”

Yes, no one dared to provoke, so they came to step on him?

The agent started to say something but stopped, he eventually said, “Don’t go out for a while, if someone successfully frames you for doing drugs, you will be finished.”

1: So, from my understanding, the chinese entertainment industry frequently uses colors to express certain concepts. Red usually means successful, profitable, or popularity. So a red single would be acclaimed and a red artist would be renowned. While black tends to mean negative or harmful. Examples include black material and black powder/fans, meaning bad or potentially career ending information and hater watchers respectively. Pink means normal fans and supporters.


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