MGCH Chapter 741

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (10)

He was actually trying to get her to leave this pool of muddy water that was the He family.

Who was it who saw him and didn’t run away and hide?

What was she rushing to her death for?

After falling to the point of hostessing, she still thought that she was superwoman?

Bai Weiwei bowed her head silently, seemingly unable to refute him.

He Nanxi stood and the shadow of his tall, slender figure enveloped her.

Highlighting her exceptionally pitiful and lonely appearance.

He furrowed his brow, unable to understand why his heart was so uncomfortable.

“You should go, don’t come back later.”

He never liked this sister-in-law, nor her one sided sentimentality.

Bai Weiwei finally started to get up from the ground with some difficulty. She silently picked up her bag.

Then she slowly walked outside.

Halfway through, she turned back again.

He Nanxi stared at her back. When he saw her suddenly turn around, he looked away in a panic.

“Then I’ll go first, I know you’re in a bad mood. I just came to check on you and make sure you didn’t do something stupid.”

He Nanxi sneered, his handsome face expressed a cold refusal to be within a thousand of miles of her.

Bai Weiwei reached out and placed the key on the table.

Then she whispered, “Don’t put it under the welcome mat later, it’s easy for others to find it.”

Having said that, she went out and closed the door behind her.

The living room was empty at once.

Only the sound of the calm, relentless clock’s ticking second hand remained.

He Nanxi straightened his body somewhat decadently.

He pursed his thin lips, his eyebrows drooped and a feeling of isolation surrounded him.

He hated noisiness, but that didn’t mean he liked to be in places as deserted as a grave.

He Nanxi glanced at the door.

Only to turn his head in a fluster, he couldn’t help but mock, “Really want to be my sister-in-law, nothing special.”

Just say go and she goes, wasn’t this brother and sister-in-law relationship just a synthetic, materialistic bond and nothing more?

Outside the door.

Bai Weiwei was crouched at the door, hand on her forehead, “The temperature isn’t high?”

The system is incomparably calm, “thirty eight degrees.”

Bai Weiwei: “How hasn’t it risen to forty degrees, it needs to be convincing, ah.”

System: “You think you are business stocks, ah? Say rise and you will rise?”

Bai Weiwei: “I have been blown in the cold wind all night, I’ve even written the scenario’s outline.”

The system silently took out some ear plugs and secured them into its ears.

Meanwhile, Bai Weiwei had already begun to express her thoughts, “The beautiful faced, charming bodied, kind and gentle, holy mother like sister-in-law, worried day and night about her poor little brother and couldn’t sleep well. She ran back early to take care of her miserable little brother, but consequently it was too difficult. She was exhausted to the point she had fever in his arms. Dry wood sparks into fire1, two people hey hey2……”

System: “……”

No, even earplugs can’t block out the host’s shameless words that didn’t want face.

If this was ancient times, this unscrupulous host would have been stuffed in a hundred pig cages3.

These days, its contrast to the host made it feel particularly upright. Perhaps it could win the Moral Model of the Year award.

What could it do with this kind of host, the earplugs were also desperate, ah.

Bai Weiwei: “Unfortunately, He Nanxi, that dumb baby drove me out. I had to change the plan into collapsing at his door.”

The system couldn’t help but say: “This TM, isn’t this just a scam?”

Anyway, how was this related to He Nanxi.

Bai Weiwei smiled sweetly, “Yes, ah.”

System: “……”


A half an hour after Bai Weiwei left, He Nanxi was wandering around the house.

He didn’t know what to do with himself.

He was in no mood to write songs or play the piano.

He was afraid to watch TV and see his family’s news, and he didn’t like to play single player games.

1: Euphemistic phrasing for igniting passions.

2: 嘿嘿=Hei Hei= She’s saying… the plan… they’re gonna… that is… JUMP HIS BONES LIKE AN UNDEAD KOOPATROOPA! /(//>//<//)/

3: A reference to the historical punishment of drowning those who committed adultery in pig cages.


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