MGCH Chapter 742

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (11)

He had never felt that it was so sad to stay at home alone before.

He Nanxi thought of Bai Weiwei and how desolate her figure was as she left.

She and the evaluations he’d heard of her were two completely different people.

At least she didn’t abandon his brother. She was also willing to visit him, no matter what his state of mind was.

She was also a lot better than the so called “good friends” who splashed him with dirty water.

He Nanxi didn’t think that one day he would be so lonely.

He hadn’t imagined after his disgrace.

The one who came to see him turned out to be Bai Weiwei, who he had always been disgusted with.

He shook his head to fling Bai Weiwei from his mind.

Then he put on his black mask, stepped into his sandals and opened the door. He was going to go out for a stroll.

As a result, the door opened and he saw a petite figure curled up at the door.

She leaned against the wall. Her radiant brows tightened and her wind chilled skin was illuminated under the porch lights, which manifested a kind of fragile tenderness.

She didn’t look much older at all.

Without her thick makeup, she didn’t look to be more than two years older than him, yet her tone was like she was seventy or eighty years older.

He Nanxi looked at her indifferently, his black iris’ shone with a clear, cold light.

He raised his foot and left, turning a blind eye.

He Nanxi walked to the supermarket. He found his favorite soda and went to the register.

Where he heard the two cashiers gossiping.

“He Nanxi’s a druggie, ah. I was once pink for him, now the powder has turned black. I can’t stand drug abuse.”

“Yes, ah. The songs are nice, but when I think about him hitting people and having one night stands, I don’t want to see him.”

“This kind of disgraceful artist should just be black listed, right. It’s because of this kind of talent the entertainment circle is so choked with black smoke.”

“Yes, ah. It’s time he was black listed.”

Having listened to his two fan’s discussion.

He Nanxi’s tall, slender form was incredibly tense as he held the soda.

He could hardly control his trembling, whether it was anger or sorrow, the emotions made him feel sour and acrid.

He pinched the soda hard in his hand and shook it several times.

Then he rushed to the check out and flung the money at them.

One of them was going to take the soda in his hand, to sweep the barcode to price it.

As a result, He Nanxi’s fingers pulled the ring of the can. The soda erupted, spraying all over the faces of the two gossips.

The pair of girls suddenly screamed as they huddled together.

He Nanxi tossed the open soda can, then he turned around and walked away.

Once out of the supermarket, he snickered happily at his successful prank.

But as he laughed, he gradually became lonesome.

He Nanxi returned home, arriving again at his doorstep.

He discovered that Bai Weiwei was still laying there. He didn’t want anything to do with her life or death.

However, this time his pace was slow.

He Nanxi hesitated for a few seconds with a cold face, before he bent over to pat her face.

“Hey, woman, what are you doing sleeping on my doorstep?”

He told her to go, but she stayed at the door and refused to leave.

The mouth said yes, yet the heart disagreed, who knew what dark calculations filled her mind.

He Nanxi had recently been engulfed in darkness and dread, it led him to see everyone as bad people.

Bai Weiwei’s face is soft, exceptionally elastic, unexpectedly smooth and tender.

His finger’s stiffened, only to find something wrong. Why did the temperature seem to be a little hot?

Bai Weiwei opened her bleary eyes, as if she heard his unspoken question.

She looked up at him at a little dazed, with a pitiful appearance.

He Nanxi’s hand’s halted and then quickly retracted, pretending to have done nothing.

“Why haven’t you gone?”

Bai Weiwei paused to look at him, then slowly bowed her head. Her soft voice was aggrieved, “Where to go, I don’t know.”

After that sentence, she closed her eyes again and her cheeks flushed.


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