MGCH Chapter 743

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (12)

He Nanxi stood there for a while and realized she was dizzy.

Was this a fever?

When he took off his mask he saw her complexion was pale and unhealthy, but it added a few points of delicateness, like a sickly beauty.

He opened the door, but hesitated.

He bent over, picked up Bai Weiwei and walked inside.

He Nanxi put Bai Weiwei on the couch and poured her a cup of hot water, “Hey, drink some water.”

Bai Weiwei obediently opened her mouth, took a sip and slept some more.

This well behaved appearance left He Nanxi nowhere to vent his mood.

He took a thermometer, stuffed it into Bai Weiwei’s mouth and said, “You had a fever so you went outside to burn up? What were you doing on my doorstep? Want to frame me when you die?”

Bai Weiwei: “……”

This little bastard needs to sheath his mouth.

The thermometer took a while to measure her temperature, so He Nanxi went to the kitchen with a dark face to cook some porridge.

As soon as he left, Bai Weiwei opened her eyes.

They were as bright as stars.

She hurriedly took the thermometer out of her mouth and put it in the glass.

The water in the cup was so hot that she was burned a bit when she drank it.

A thirty seven point five degree fever would be laughable.

The sister-in-law moving the heavens and earth for her little brother only to be exhausted by a fever, of this kind of drama.

How could she be defeated by a low temperature.

The temperature on the thermometer rose rapidly. Bai Weiwei removed the thermometer and saw the temperature was about right.

Then she placed it in her mouth, again.

Laid down on the sofa and pretended to be sickly beauty.

He Nanxi came back and pulled the thermometer out of her mouth. When he checked it was thirty nine degrees.

It was a high fever.

She should be taken to the hospital, but he thought of his own predicament.

In the past a phone call would bring a variety of fox and dog friends rushing to help him.

Now everyone in his phone had blocked him.

He Nanxi muttered, “How are you so troublesome, don’t get sick in front of me, find something else to do.”

Bai Weiwei: “……”

Genetics really couldn’t lie, this pair of brothers.

One, a unique and unparalleled slag.

The other, exceptionally and unprecedentedly cheap.

Kinsman, kinsman, ah.

Although He Nanxi complained, he was still going to care for her, there was no intention to give up.

After all, if someone died of fever in his house.

There would be no benefit for him.

He Nanxi gave Bai Weiwei some cold medicine and hurriedly gave her porridge.

Although it was tiring, it let him be distracted from his painful internal struggle.

When he measured again, the temperature of Bai Weiwei had finally lowered.

Thirty seven point five degrees, she was almost better.

It went down so fast, it must be because he took good care of her.

Bai Weiwei pretended that she was just waking up, she fluttered her eyelashes and opened her eyes.

She seemed puzzled. She looked to the side, only to see He Nanxi throwing a thermometer in the trash can.

He whispered: “It’s disgusting, it’s been touched by someone else’ mouth.”

Bai Weiwei: “……”

What is this whining child? Did the heavens forget to sew up his mouth when he was reincarnated?

She felt that she should educate this little bastard.

One’s mouth shouldn’t be base.

He Nanxi lowered his head, but saw Bai Weiwei looking foolishly at him with a pair of watery eyes, while she laid on the sofa.

The light in her eyes fell.

It was like an entire starry sky was falling.

He Nanxi couldn’t help but recall, she said that He Dongling once praised her for being more beautiful than the stars.

There was a bit of truth.

He wanted to say, wake up and roll.

As a result, his mouth had just opened, but Bai Weiwei suddenly got up. She stretched out two slender arms and grabbed his neck.

Then she raised her head, with lips slightly curved up and kissed him.

He Nanxi froze and his mind was blank.

Her wet kiss was softly printed on his lips and a delicate fresh atmosphere surrounded him.

For a while, he didn’t know how to react at all.

When his brain caught up, he was about to reach out and push her away.

However, she put her head on his shoulder, softly crying, “Dongling, you woke up, that’s good, I was so worried after your accident.”


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