MSTP Chapter 46

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Sure enough, a mortal like her was unable to appreciate this ancient era man, even if he were an immortal.

Following Rong Heng’s agreement to take the paternity test, Song Yuan spent the next two days wracking her brains countless times. Why would he go through such an obviously preposterous and useless endeavor?

She got ready to drive. After strapping Rong Ting in the safety seat in the back, she returned to her driver’s seat and said while putting on her seat belt, “Remember what Mom told you?”

“Remember,” Rong Ting said helplessly. “First, do not call Emperor Father ‘Emperor Father,’ so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. I remember. But Empress Mother, if Emperor Father regains his memories in the future, hopefully Empress Mother can explain on my behalf. It is not that I do not wish to call out to him, but that I cannot.

“Second, if the results of the paternity test are not satisfactory, and he is not my Emperor Father, I will no longer press the matter. I will merely treat it as my splitting hairs.

“Third, after this matter, try to avoid bringing up Emperor Father as much as possible. It is a painful memory for me, and a sorrowful matter for Empress Mother.”

The initial part was very good, but Song Yuan turned to look at him when she heard the latter half. “What do you mean ‘a sorrowful matter for me’? I’m not sad, I just think people should look ahead. What’s the use of bringing him up? I don’t remember anything; we don’t have anything in common. I’m not asking you to not mention him at all, just less. We have to live our lives too, right?”

Rong Ting was now up with the times. He stuck out his little fist and made an OK hand gesture. “I understand.”

“Great, I’m happy that we’ve reached an agreement on this.”

The facts proved that, while Rong Ting deeply worshipped his Emperor Father, he still listened to her. In fact, when he saw Rong Heng, who was wearing a mask, he did not call him Emperor Father, but rather quietly stood by Song Yuan’s side.

He vaguely knew that Emperor Father had Empress Mother in his heart and that Emperor Father’s weakness was Empress Mother. With Empress Mother here, Emperor Father wouldn’t reprimand him to his face. What was more, he didn’t do anything wrong; it was Empress Mother who forbade him from paying respects to Emperor Father.

In fact, he believed that there could be two people in this world who looked exactly alike. The world was big and full of strange possibilities. He didn’t decide that this was Emperor Father due to looks. He thought, if Empress Mother hadn’t lost her memories, she would have been able to recognize Emperor Father with just one look.

He trusted his judgement.

However, he was also mentally prepared. There was no one who did not make mistakes. If he truly wasn’t Emperor Father, he would not embarrass and worry Empress Mother further.

“You came?” Rong Heng spoke in a muffled voice, likely due to the mask.

En.” Song Yuan looked again towards the staff, still a bit nervous. He was no ordinary person, after all. If she was discovered by the Xie family or someone with other motives, she was likely to cause trouble for herself.

As if seeing through Song Yuan’s thoughts, Rong Heng added, “Don’t worry, no one knows.”

He would not put his wife and child in danger. He wouldn’t have done this if he weren’t absolutely confident in their safety.

Since he said this, Song Yuan could only nod.

She did not let Rong Heng appear personally and only borrowed a few strands of his hair. There was no small number of such institutions nowadays. So long as you had money, all information could be kept confidential, and all the seemingly tedious steps could be simplified.

At noon, Song Yuan had Rong Ting sit in the car and play with her phone while she talked with Rong Heng.

The weather was quite nice. Rong Heng looked at Song Yuan and smiled. “You must be very puzzled as to why I brought up doing an evaluation. Logically speaking, I don’t know you, and I definitely would not have had any history with you. That’s what you’re thinking, right?”

Song Yuan didn’t expect him to say this. She hesitated briefly before nodding.

Considering he was a rich second generation, she could hardly believe he would accompany her to do something so preposterous if he didn’t have a goal in mind.

There weren’t that many intentions a man had towards a woman. It was fine if he really had that kind of thought. If he had an agenda that had nothing to do with feelings, then she would be unable to handle it.

“I’ve told you before, but I was gravely injured, almost at death’s door. I didn’t remember anything upon waking. I saw my parents and only felt they were unfamiliar. There wasn’t even a bit of affection in my heart. That’s not normal. But I felt you were familiar when I saw you, and when I saw your son, I felt a closeness. It was something I didn’t feel with my parents. Your son recognizes me. Although he could be wrong, I still want to confirm it. The world is so vast; what if it’s possible?” Rong Heng smiled at her. “I’m not the kind of person willing to be immersed in speculation. I don’t like uncertainties1, so even if it’s ridiculous, I still want to do it.”

Song Yuan found his words unexpected and surprising.

She forced a smile. “You’re a persistent person. In fact, I’ve also forgotten some things, but I won’t force myself to remember. You seem different.”

When all was said and done, she had an ostrich mindset2.

“Maybe. I don’t want to have uncertainties or regrets.”

Song Yuan shrugged. “There’s no meaning in talking about it now. Let’s wait until after the results come out. Mr. Xie, it’s like this. Please don’t blame me; my son holds deep affection for his dad, but his dad… mm, you can think of it as he’s no longer around. I don’t want him to be sad and upset anymore, so once the results are out, let’s stop keeping in touch. I’m really sorry. I’m a mom, and I just want my son to be happy.”

Rong Heng was silent for a moment, but he ended up agreeing. “That’s how it should be.”

Song Yuan took the initiative to say farewell. “Then I’ll be leaving, Mr. Xie. My son takes afternoon naps. He hasn’t rested well the past few days, and his face has gotten thinner.”

En, goodbye.”

Rong Heng stood by the road. He watched her get in the car and merge into traffic, his eyes as deep and dark as ink, until he could no longer see her.

After taking the paternity test, Rong Ting only had to wait for the results. He took a good nap as soon as he got home, and he also recovered his appetite.

This put Song Yuan at ease. That night, she sat by the bedside and watched him go to sleep. She thought of many things, all of them irrelevant and a waste of brain cells and making her even less inclined to surf the Internet.

After meticulously completing each step of the tedious skincare routine, Song Yuan turned off the lights and went to sleep.

Strangely enough, she dreamed about the ancient times again.

In the dream, she seemed sad, and she was arguing with a man whose face she couldn’t clearly see.

Zhen knows what vexes you, but as someone in a high position, there are many things that can’t be done by following one’s desires. Do you think that zhen wishes to quarrel with you over some insignificant people?”

She laughed in anger at these words. “I cannot beat you in words, because you’re too good at speaking. Black can be white, and the dead can become living. The harem annoys me, but I didn’t ask for you to dismiss them. We are us; they have nothing to do with us! Don’t be misleading3; I may not be smart, but I’m not a fool. What annoys me is this: what right do you have to marry me into the palace without my consent? I don’t want to be here! I have never vied for the empress position!”

“You said you wanted to become my wife.” He watched her fixedly before finally uttering these words.

“I did, but I thought then that you were just an ordinary person. I wanted to be your wife, but I never wanted to be an emperor’s wife. I don’t even want to marry a rich second generation, let alone an emperor. You lied to me, and you lied to my brother. It was your imperial edict that came straight to my home. Can I defy it? When the time comes, the entire General’s estate will suffer. You just know me too well; you grasp my weakness, and you use your authority as ruler.”

They continued to argue, and the man seemed to choose to lower his head and take her hand to coax her. “Zhen has never touched them nor held interest in them. Can’t you treat them like the decorations in this room, like tables and chairs? We will live our lives, and nobody will dare to disturb you.”

She laughed. Seeming exhausted, her body went limp, and she sat in a chair. She raised her head to look at him, finding it very laughable. “They aren’t tables and chairs, and they aren’t decorations. They’re people. I can’t communicate with you, and you can’t communicate with me. In the end, we’re not walking along the same road.”

The man was silent. When he opened his mouth again, his tone was much colder. “Who walks the same road as you? Who is it?”

There was no doubt that it was an endless quarrel.


When Song Yuan woke up, she was not as sad as the previous few times.

She just thought, why was this like having a dream after binge-watching a TV drama? Based on what Gugu revealed to her, she could faintly deduce that the spattering of dreams she’d been having during this period of time were memories of her experience in the ancient times.

But, if the dreams she was having really were memories of her experiences, then she didn’t get this emperor!

Even if the emperor looked exactly like Mr. Xie, she’d like to respectfully decline4.

Sure enough, a mortal like her was unable to appreciate this ancient era man, even if he were an immortal.

Sometimes, when she looked at Rong Ting, Song Yuan couldn’t help but wonder. She wasn’t a person without a working brain, and she used to read novels where the male lead was not the emperor. Why, after transmigrating to ancient times, would she want to marry the emperor, who had a harem of three thousand beauties? No matter how handsome he was, that shouldn’t be!

Now, the dream helped her clear up her doubts and expand her thinking. What if it had been against her will?

Then she could give herself a pass.

A few days later, Song Yuan received a text message informing her that the paternity test had come out. She could download the APP to read the electronic report.

Song Yuan completely didn’t believe in Rong Ting’s judgement. The people of the Xie family weren’t blind fools; if Mr. Xie really was His Majesty the emperor, then how were the Xie family making a living5? Wouldn’t the so-called “the waters of the elite are deep” be just a joke?

She downloaded the APP and entered the account password. She brushed her teeth as she looked at her phone. Today’s Internet speed didn’t seem very fast; it took a while for the electronic report to finish downloading.

She could just skip straight ahead and read the last line of the report. She scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the last page.

There was a line of words that roughly read, the chance of being related by blood is as high as 99.99%


What did this mean!!

Song Yuan still held the electric toothbrush as she stared at the phone screen with wide eyes, her expression terrified as though she’d seen a ghost.

[1] 猜疑: I get back “misgivings” or “suspicious,” but both sound a bit awkward here

[2] The ostrich mindset/mentality, as mentioned before, is one of (figuratively) sticking your head in the sand and pretending your problems don’t exist

[3] 混淆视听: to obscure the facts; to mislead the public with deliberate falsehoods

[4] 敬谢不敏: please excuse me for not complying; to politely decline

[5] 干什么吃: literally means something like “what/how is/are [subject of convo] eating?” It’s an expression of incompetency; if you’re incompetent, you can’t earn money, and if you can’t earn money, you can’t eat

Cheese: I heard that System for Mentoring Villain Bosses was being dropped and was lowkey considering picking it up…

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