MGCH Chapter 744

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (13)

This was simply fever confusion, her mind wasn’t clear.

Thought he was his brother?

He Nanxi didn’t dare move, he was worried about how she would react.

He wasn’t He Dongling.

Bai Weiwei’s whimper was thin and soft, just like a feather sweeping across his ear.

It finally reached his eardrum, tickling him all over.

It’s like the cry like a kitten that just weaned.

She whispered, “Why does everyone want to break us apart? I clearly work so hard, don’t I deserve a lover?”

He Nanxi was stiff and too afraid to speak.

She went on to promise: “I just want to love you, I am not filthy.”

When He Nanxi heard this sentence, the pupil contracted a little.

When they first met, he scolded her as filthy.

When it comes to dirt, he wasn’t much better.

Even if he was splashed with murky water, in the eyes of others.

He had become a heinous human slag.

Compared to Bai Weiwei, he was far more revolting.

The sound of Bai Weiwei’s breath as it softly swept over his neck, where he was sensitive.

His neck began to flush, the red spread to the back of his ears.

He Nanxi also didn’t know how long he maintained this posture, anxious that Bai Weiwei would realize he wasn’t his brother.

Such a scene must be very awkward.

He Nanxi ultimately couldn’t bear it. His body was numb, he just relaxed and gently pushed Bai Weiwei away.

She passed out, her eyes were closed and naturally couldn’t recognize anyone.

He Nanxi’s face was burning when he reacted. His heart was exasperated.

“Are you blind? I am clearly younger and more handsome than my brother. Can you admit your mistakes?”

He had just finished.

Bai Weiwei’s eyelids moved, as if she was going to wake up.

He Nanxi immediately got up, turned around and fled.

Worried that Bai Weiwei would wake up again and identify others.

He Nanxi was distraught and went out on the balcony to cool off in the wind. His hands gripped the balcony’s railing, the cold wind messed up his short hair, revealing his glossy forehead.

He didn’t know what to think, he took a box of cigarettes out of his pocket.

It was bought in the supermarket, along with the soda that was used to spray the gossiping women.

The pack was still in his pocket.

He picked up the cigarette and dead stared at it. He had no experience smoking.

Because his preferred career was singing.

Smoking could ruin his voice.

He Nanxi hesitated again and again and put the cigarette back into his pocket, unable to help shouting, “What a coward.”

In the future, he had no opportunity to return to the stage. What was he still so afraid of, a bad throat?

Now wasn’t the time to be more fearful.

Wasn’t it more important that he planted something green on his brother’s head?

Although it was an accident, He Nanxi was still deeply concerned.

After all, this woman was his sister-in-law.

When that thought rose, he was stunned.

After a long silence, he frowned and impatiently said: “Forget it, sister-in-law is sister-in-law. After all, she isn’t the kind of shameless woman that loves vanity, does not matter if you recognize her.”

He could see it, she was sincere to his brother.

He would just reluctantly admit her identity.

Except, he couldn’t understand why his heart was slightly depressed.

During this time, He Nanxi’s mood hadn’t been good, so didn’t think much about it.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 5.】

Bai Weiwei: “This cheap mouthed little bastard is finally rising favorability.”

System: “Cheap mouthed little bastard?”

Bai Weiwei: “Don’t you think this sarcastic complaint mouthed, bitter mood baby’s tongue is very poisonous?”

System: “Bitter mood baby……”

Compared to the host, it felt that the male lead’s mouth was simply a clear stream, completely non toxic.


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