MGCH Chapter 745

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (14)

He Nanxi exhaled a long cold breath as the blow to his mind from that unexpected kiss faded.

Then he went to bed with a gloomy face.

Bai Weiwei slept on the sofa, while he was in his bed.

He overslept and it was noon when he woke up.

His head was a bird’s nest as he lazily walked out with long legs.

Only to find that the sofa was already empty.

There was a piece of paper pressed on the table.

He Nanxi walked over silently and picked up the note.

It had delicate handwriting.

“Yesterday I had a fever, I’m sorry I troubled you. I’m going to take care of your brother, then I’m going to work tonight.”

“Don’t worry about the hospital fees, I will earn your brother’s medical expenses.”

“Nanxi, listen to my advice, don’t be afraid of the difficulties of the moment. You are very talented, one day you will return to the stage.”

The tone was very rank and file.

It had an ancient energy that traversed time like it was written by a zombie from the Qing Dynasty.

He Nanxi threw the paper in the trash can, “Do you even know my brother’s medical bills? Poverty limits your poor imagination. Where could you earn so much money?”

He family went bankrupt.

Assets were frozen.

But that didn’t mean they were so impoverished they had to live on the streets.

Some properties weren’t hung under the name of the He family.

Who couldn’t understand that a clever rabbit would have three burrows.

As long as the money in his name wasn’t squandered, it was enough to live off of for a lifetime.

Didn’t he still have a brilliant and glamorous future as a young master.

Yet that woman, Bai Weiwei, thought he was poor enough to starve?

Did she think that the brothers would later rely on her three melons and two dates1 earnings to live on?

He Nanxi had never been looked down on to this extent.

But, this kind of underestimation wasn’t the malicious mockery of outsiders.

It was a strange and sincere concern.

This made him deride himself endlessly, didn’t think he would fall to this point.

It was the sister-in-law everyone despised who stayed to take care of them.

He Nanxi suddenly wanted to call his parents, who ran faster than anyone else.

To ask if his sister-in-law was really so unbearable?

She didn’t look like a woman who loved vanity and would steal jewelry.

Where weren’t they wrong?

He Nanxi thought with some fatigue as he leaned on the sofa. He closed his eyes to keep his spirits up.

Suddenly he frowned as if something occurred to him.

Wait, Bai Weiwei said she would work.

Wasn’t that hostessing?

He almost jumped up, eyes dark with anger.

“This married woman has very good intentions to do this dirty work, who knows how many green hats she’s brought for my brother.”

He Nanxi pulled on a black hoodie.

Then he put on his black mask, dressed in loose clothes, stepped on his sandals and ran out.

His whole person charged into the bar like he was on fire.

This time he was even more furious than the last.

Even He Nanxi wasn’t aware how bright his eyes are.

Like a little leopard that wanted to attack people.

Bai Weiwei was wearing thick makeup and sitting in the corner drinking boiled water, “Tongzi, ah. You say, is that scolding child coming?”

System: “Just now checked, he hasn’t gone out yet.”

Bai Weiwei: “He should come. After all, if my identity as a hostess isn’t removed, later the favorability will be hard to raise.”

The system opened it’s heavenly eye and scanned again, “Coming, he is driving.”

Bai Weiwei cast off the seventy or eighty year old lady’s dull appearance and came to life at once.

She immediately tossed her coat aside to expose a revealing dress.

Then she went to a guests table, picked up a glass of wine and downed it.

She had always been dedicated to acting.

1: 三瓜两枣 An idiom meaning, an insignificant amount of petty things.


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