MGCH Chapter 746

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (15)

The bar was noisy. He Nanxi came in with an aggressive momentum.

Heat rose through the crowd, everyone twisted their body’s with excitement as if they were drugged.

Several of them sticking and twisting until human flesh resembled pigtails. How to search through something so unsightly.

He Nanxi put his hands in his pockets, his good looking brows furrowed bitterly and he clenched his jaw. His face under the black mask was as dark as a second mask.

He turned around, but couldn’t find where Bai Weiwei was.

She couldn’t have…… Been taken out of the bar.

When it comes to hostess’, some are just company for men while they drink, some sell, some are also packed to keep1.

He used to be in the entertainment world. Although he stayed in the clean waters downwind, what bad things couldn’t find him?

The messy things he should know, he knows.

Bai Weiwei, that woman was married to his brother, how didn’t she know how to love and respect herself.

No wonder his parents had been trying to kick her out of the family.

Who would want a daughter in law who worked as a hostess.

He Nanxi walked around, unsure of where to find Bai Weiwei.

Worried that she was out selling herself.

Had to be cheeky, wearing a mask. He went to inquire with the old woman, who was there like a proprietress of a brothel.

“You said Weiwei, ah. Ehehe, her main business is as a hostess, you have to rent a karaoke box for her.”

He Nanxi’s short hair was messy exposing his exquisite eyebrows. His figure stood so tall and slender, even if you couldn’t see his face.

His profile was still astonishing.

He looked coldly and darkly at the old woman. Eventually, he gritted his teeth and said word by word, “In addition to hostessing?”

The old woman thought he came for some special service, she flipped through her book, “Besides hostessing, she does no other business. After all, some people don’t sell. With our current society’s laws, that can’t be forced.”

He Nanxi didn’t know how, but a large stone suddenly fell to the ground.

“She doesn’t sell? How much money would it take for her to sell?”

Old woman laughs, “Little brother, if you’re looking for women, you were right to find me. Weiwei isn’t anything special, her butt’s not big, legs are as thin as matchsticks and her bust can’t be seen. Even so it’s not that there’s no big bosses that want to reserve her, but she says there is someone in her heart, she is determined not to sell.”

The old woman said that and mama Sang who was in the same business added: “It was the first time I saw that sort of infatuation in this type of place. Even though the big bosses of peoples families offer high prices.”

Mama Sang suddenly broke out in unbearable cackling.

He Nanxi frowned deeper, hadn’t these two menopausal old women laughed enough.

What was wrong with having someone in your heart?

Did it eat your family’s rice or steep your family’s man?

He turned around and left. He wanted to go to a karaoke box to order some wine and then, by the way, he would give his sister-in-law a point back.

The two old women behind were still talking.

“Although the little brother wears a mask, but he looks handsome, ah. You look at the ass when he walks, twists, ah. Really energetic.”

“Yes, ah. In my experience, full of energy, doesn’t look thin, very strong on the bed tsk tsk tsk……”

He Nanxi’s steps twisted and nearly hit the wall.

His ears were red as a blazing fire.

Then he left faster.

Suddenly, excited screams and cheers came from in front.

Someone went up on the high stage to perform, creating a singing and dancing energetic atmosphere.

He Nanxi had no interest, but the soft voice that came from her mouth.

Her airy tone in addition to the deliberate and unhurried words, that skillful and natural, tempting but pure feeling. All just from a moment of her lyrics.

He Nanxi’s footsteps were halted instantly.

1: 包养, I guess this is a sugar baby?


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