MGCH Chapter 747

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (16)

He made music. If it weren’t for the He family’s incident, it would be no exaggeration to say he would still be the song emperor of the entertainment industry.

So he was especially sensitive to good sounds.

The vocals were incredible.

Suddenly, the slow singing began to accelerate.

The lyrics became more and more rap like. It got faster and faster, but there is no hint of slurring, clear words burst out from that voice.

The atmosphere was completely charged at the scene.

Tips were thrown on the stage and He Nanxi couldn’t help but raise his head to take a look.

This glance struck him dumb.

He saw Bai Weiwei standing on the high stage, wearing heavy makeup. Red lips, long lashes and her hair was down.

Not hard on the eyes.

However, she was like a different person compared to when she removed her cosmetics.

She twisted her waist and the small slit on the back of her dress revealed a hint of fair skin.

Her long hair also floated as she turned, she appeared similar to a blooming black flower.

While she sang and danced, her timbre remained steady, full and beautiful.

Every movement was hot and alluring.

He Nanxi had never seen such a Bai Weiwei.

Although he first met her at the bar, at the time, she wasn’t so sultry.

After she removed her makeup, she took care of He Dongling with a pale complexion and then specially ran to encourage him.

She was more like a gentle wife and good mother.

But now, it was like a live demon had broke out.

He Nanxi’s hands were shaking.

Didn’t they say she didn’t sell and was just a hostess?

Why was she up on the stage?

There were cheers coming from all around, there were even drunken men shouting, “Strip, strip, ah.”

He Nanxi felt like he was going to explode. He glared viciously at the stage, but found that Bai Weiwei’s gaze mixed with a few threads of charm swept over him, seeming to gaze at him yet not.

She seemed to see him, showing a smile as her lips gently opened and closed.

The song slowed down, becoming soulful and affectionate.

In He Nanxi’s ear, it sounded like she was confessing to someone.

She was able to seduce others entirely by song.

His heart was trembling, his muscles were tight and his anger was intertwined with some other inexplicable flame.

He Nanxi had to endure the vein that kept bulging in his temple.

Her eyes lightly swept elsewhere, tempting other men to tip her.

Hundred yuan bills were thrown on the stage. Bai Weiwei smiled happily and her singing became more joyous.

The dance became even more beautiful.

A drunk man next to He Nanxi yelled, “Gege’s gonna pack you up tonight and let you twist under gege in bed.”

He took a look and memorized the wretched sleazy man’s face.

Really spicy to the eyes.

Then he went to a table, picked up a bottle and came up behind the man.

He fiercely swung the bottle against the wretched man’s head.

This retaliatory action took no more than ten seconds.

Done neatly, without any hint of hesitation.

The man screamed, his head was broke open and bleeding.

He Nanxi shoved the man away. Indifferent to the life or death of others, he rushed to the stage.

Bai Weiwei raised her leg to do a difficult dance move.

He Nanxi had just reached the stage when she lifted her leg and removed her dress. He saw the safety pants under a mini skirt, as well as a large portion of shimmering white thighs.

His steps were a mess and he started breathing hard.

He hated not being able to rip off his troublesome mask.

“Bai Weiwei.” He Nanxi sulked in his mask.

Bai Weiwei somewhat dazedly turned. Her lips red, face fair, lashes long, clothes wet with sweat and clinging to her body.

That seemingly hidden yet exposed appearance was loaded with impact.

Piper: Yay 747! You know, like the plane… Sorry, both of my parents work with planes, so I gush over the small amount of knowledge I have XD


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  1. You know, when I first translated this I couldn’t relate with He Nanxi on how hard it is to pant in a mask.

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