MGCH Chapter 748

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (17)

This was his sister-in-law.

His, He Nanxi’s, sister-in-law was reduced to bowing and scraping on stage.

Singing songs so nicely, for what?

Performing a dance so seductively, for what?

To give those kneeling men lewd implications?

Just for those few bills?

He Nanxi stormed forward, he caught and pulled her arm.

Bai Weiwei only then managed to react, she dropped her mic and her eyes flashed a bit of panic.


He Nanxi’s eyes were dark and laden with violent fury. He grit his teeth and said word for word angrily: “How long do you want to fucking act like a slut? You do this work for these few dollars, but you’re not dirty, not disgusting?”

Bai Weiwei pressed her lips, her eyes were shining as she struggled to hold her tears back.

She tried hard to shake off his hand, only to find that he held her too tightly,

“I’m still working, why are you making trouble? Let go.”

Bai Weiwei’s voice trembled, but her tone was very firm.

He Nanxi sneered, “Work? Do you love this work so much? Sweeping the street to collect garbage is better than this. You have hands and feet, but will only sell your body to make money?”

Bai Weiwei’s complexion paled, under the bright, swaying lights.

She had a lost soul’s sorrow.

He Nanxi heart was stung, he coldly said: “Today, if you don’t come with me, then don’t even think I will recognize you as my sister-in-law.”

He thought if he said that, Bai Weiwei would go with him immediately.

But the next second, his fingers were pried open by her.

He Nanxi’s heart thumped as he anxiously watched her release herself.

Bai Weiwei stared at him calmly, but her fingers were in a death grip.

“Go back, Nanxi, this isn’t where you should be, you’re still young.”

God, fuck. Still young.

He Nanxi laughed out of anger.

With other men, she would smile and seduce.

When it was his turn, she took the tone of a nursery aunt.

Was he so immature?

He Nanxi’s eyes were fiery, his beautiful pupils were so bright that people would get goose bumps.

He walked forward and bent his body. He put one hand behind her knees and the other hand stopped on her back.

Incomparably simply, he lifted her whole person to his waist.

She was entirely locked in his arms. Her face bumped against his chest, it hurt so much.

Muscles could be really hard.

The muscle definition was so perfect, that when he was dressed.

He seemed tall and slender, his build couldn’t be made out at all.

She rubbed her face and brushed her sister-in-law image, “Nanxi, you let me down, I haven’t left work yet. It’s late today, you go back first.”

He Nanxi was infuriated enough by this woman to vomit blood.

“You shut up for me.”

If she wanted to degrade herself, just let her degrade herself. Why should he make a fuss and rush forward to save her?

Anyway, she wanted him to let her go be a hostess.

He Nanxi was carrying people to leave, there were still people throwing tips from below the stage. As he watched, his eyes turned bloodshot.

Just for this money, almost all her clothes were taken off.

He gave a few kicks, sweeping the bills off the stage and back into the ugly men’s faces.

The audience suddenly seethed, they were originally amused.

But wasn’t He Nanxi just hitting their faces?

Several men immediately rushed to the stage, “Tipped trough, you xxx. Where did this dolt come from, put her down for laozi.”

He Nanxi coldly glared at them, his whole being sharp as a sheathed knife, his expression exposed a chilling anger.

He clung to Bai Weiwei as he dodged to the side of the man’s fist.

Then his long leg was sent to the man’s stomach, knocking him down.

This completely incited the mob.

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