MGCH Chapter 753

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (22)

Be a whore, those three words.

Each word burnt like a scalding, hot iron brand as they rolled off the tip of the tongue.

Similar to fire, singing and searing with great pain.

He Nanxi’s eyes were red, “Bai Weiwei has married into our home, she is our family’s person. Where did you get the right to order her at a signal?”

“Are you Weiwei’s little brother-in-law? I’m teaching my daughter, you put words in my mouth. I’m still counted as your elder.”

Utilizing feudal society’s thoughts without restraint, He Nanxi held the feudal banner’s remnants high as he sarcastically retorted.

“Your daughter married into the He family, she was splashed into the He family’s water and your family has nothing to do with her. She was born to be a He family member and in death will be a He family ghost.”

Old zombie: “You, you, you, you……”

He Nanxi: “You’re stuttering, ah. Do you know what’s going on with our He family now? Billions in debt, Bai Weiwei as my sister-in-law, is burdened with at least twenty million five hundred thousand in debt. If you want to insist that she is your daughter, you can, ah. The girl’s father’s debt, tomorrow I will stop by your home first, to collect a few million in debts.”

“Twenty million five hundred thousand? This unfilial daughter actually owes so much money? Don’t call me later.”

With that, the other side hung up the phone.

It was the first time He Nanxi had seen such an extreme quality of father.

It was an eye opener.

Bai Weiwei finally broke free of his grip and reached for her cell phone.

She put the phone in her ear in a fluster, a little anxious to explain, “Dad, dad, don’t mind what Nanxi said. Little kids speak thoughtlessly…… Oh? Hung up.”

Bai Weiwei’s hands were busily trying to redial.

As soon as she stuck her finger out, the cell phone was taken away. It was thrown to the ground and with a lift of a leg, stomped on.

With a cracking noise, it was broken.

Bai Weiwei looked up, finally upset, “He Nanxi, what did you break my phone for?”

He Nanxi put his hands in his pocket. His whole person stood in a somewhat loose posture, his face was black, “You still recognize those bloodsucking family members? I’ve never seen such a father.”

A father that made his daughter sell.

Not as good as beasts.

Bai Weiwei trembled in anger, “Don’t say that, he’s my father.”

He Nanxi couldn’t understand, this kind of family counted as a fart family.

They were vampires and leeches.

He simply hated the iron that couldn’t become steel, but He Nanxi’s heart was filled with a sense of powerlessness.

He coldly humphed, “It’s nothing but a cell phone, I’ll pay you back ten.”

Bai Weiwei’s eyes flashed a hint of disappointment, “The phone isn’t the problem, now that my dad heard that he’ll misunderstand me and drive me out of the house.”

He Nanxi didn’t understand how anyone could go back to that family.

He pursed his thin lips as he glared at her icily. He turned around abruptly, gritted his teeth and said: “Whatever you want, if you are willing to go back and be exploited, selling is your matter. Count me as having been too idle.”

When he turned his head, his eyes had a few threads of grievance and uncomfortable emotions rolled in his heart.

It was just good intentions being treated as a donkey liver and lung.

He walked a few steps, but the corner of his clothes were tugged.

He Nanxi’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

Behind him came her calm, gentle implication, “I have no place to go.”

He Nanxi was at a loss, no place to go?

Bai Weiwei’s bland but repressed voice continued.

“Nanxi, I am not the same as you. From when you were young, everyone loved you and doted on you. Even if you’re down now, you still have a home to return to.”

Although his brother became a vegetable.

Or his parents ran away.

It was temporary, for He Nanxi. The He family hadn’t dispersed, there really was a place to go back to.


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  1. Completely sympathize with He Nanxi here, It’s super painful to stand up for someone only for them to immediately start bowing and scraping under the person abusing them. Teaches a good lesson about minding your own business though.

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