Christmas Present

Hello everyone! Enjoy the Panda MGCH memes. Did I do this last second without consulting my team… Maybe. Am I gunna post it anyway… Absolutely. Are you guys going to laugh… Probably not. Am I going to update this as my staff and people on my discord give me more panda meme ideas… Probably. Happy Holidays (make sure to read the message at the end) XD

Panda Video Goes Viral After Keepers in Chengdu Accused of Animal Cruelty
BWW looking at her majestic appearance in the mirror
Silly Baby Panda Falls Flat on Its Face During Public Debut of 23 Giant  Panda Cubs in China - ABC News
BWW trying to run from YYX after waking up (YYX in Blue)
Adorable photos of panda cubs are the cutest thing you'll see today -  Insider
Male Lead coming to terms with his feelings and confessing, just to have BWW die on him
Giant Panda Cubs Learn to Walk - ZooBorns
System watching BWW’s ridiculous plans work
The Miracle of Breeding a Panda Cub During a Pandemic | The New Yorker
System eating snacks bought with BWW’s life points
18 panda cubs celebrate first birthday in Sichuan - YouTube
Me and my team celebrating Christmas with you guys XD

Two more chapters as a present, XD Happy Holidays!

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