MGCH Chapter 755

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (24)

“Tongzi, why do I think that an angel is singing?”

“You’re feverish.”

“How come I have a fever again?”

“What again…… You mean the last time, when you put a thermometer in a cup? At most, the cup had a fever.”


The above was a sample of the daily conversations between Bai Weiwei and the system.

She confusedly and sleepily tried to remember. It seemed last night, after having a chat with that little bastard Nanxi behind the bar, it started to rain a little. Finally they came back by car.

And then……

There wasn’t any impression at all.

“He Nanxi didn’t do anything while I was unconscious, my XXOO ……”

“Stop! No, nothing. The clean clothes you’re wearing are what you yourself took off, put on and then climbed up to sleep in. It had nothing to do with your little brother, you shouldn’t try to frame him.”

Bai Weiwei reached up to rub her temple, because of the fever and cold, it was throbbing.

She sighed, “I thought that young people just passed their adolescence were more impulsive. Last night, I put on a wet body seduction play, but he didn’t react at all.”

System: Wet body seduction……

Last night the host was burned silly, she didn’t know how worrying her blushing was.

He Nanxi was scared until he went white. He had to call a clinic doctor to give her an injection.

Tossed until midnight, who has the heart think of youthful impulses, ah.

Bai Weiwei’s limbs were soft and dull, it was the unique feeling of weakness following illness.

She struggled to sit up, just as she was about to get out of bed. She noticed the door open.

He Nanxi came in with a food tray. He saw Bai Weiwei’s feet had just landed and immediately frowned. His heart jumped as he put the plate on the table and rushed to her.

“You’ve just recovered from a fever, you have to rest well.”

With that, he bent over and put her feet back on the bed.

Then he pulled the quilt over her body again.

This series of actions flowed like clouds, very elegant.

Bai Weiwei has long realized that, He Nanxi, this person did things particularly neatly, even his calligraphy would dry fast.

However, she didn’t discover that when He Nanxi grabbed her foot and his fingers were on her ankles, there was a moment of trembling stagnation, as if he were feeling the delicateness of her skin.

He Nanxi handed her the porridge, “Drink some. There is no auntie right now. I’ll call out to hire another this afternoon. Even if it doesn’t taste good, drink it.”

Bai Weiwei accepted the bowl and gazed at him deeply. He Nanxi was a little embarrassed and didn’t open his eyes.

She couldn’t help but smile until her eyes bent, she looked happy and lovely.

“Thank you, Nanxi.”

He Nanxi’s expression was tense. He faintly hummed, but it took half a day to say a sentence, “You’re my family’s own person, no need to thank.”

It was an acknowledgment of her sister-in-law status.

After drinking the porridge, Bai Weiwei went to sleep again.

Only when the body is raised healthy could one have the energy to attack. She continued to rest very openly.

When He Nanxi took the bowl, he saw Bai Weiwei’s sleeping appearance. There was a ray of golden morning light shining on her fair face.

Gentle and beautiful.

It occurred to him that she had sung and danced confidently on the stage last night.

Even with the vulgar noise that was unique to that occasion.

Her voice was still clearly reached his ears.

It brought a frightening, but amazing shivering feeling.

He Nanxi knew that his strength lay in songwriting. Although his singing was also good, when compared with Bai Weiwei, the impact of his voice was less than half.

She had this talent.

But, it was buried in the bar.

He thought of her family, it was the first time He Nanxi so intuitively realized the gap between people’s starting points.

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