MGCH Chapter 760

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (29)

His cheeks flushed and his body stiffened like a stone.

He reluctantly hummed, “It’s nothing……”

He was under too much pressure, this was simply a roguish act.

He Nanxi somewhat clumsily released her hand, then took a few steps back.

His blush had spread to his ears. His legs were empty and numb, it felt as though the ground was not solid, at any time it could be trampled by him like porcelain.

The high heeled shoe’s footsteps were far away.

He Nanxi knew he should relax, but for some reason, he was more nervous.

Bai Weiwei frowned and worriedly asked: “What’s the matter, not feeling well? Your face is red.”

He Nanxi reached out and rubbed his face, “Red? Not red, the weather is just a little hot.”

Bai Weiwei sighed, “It’s all right, your brother’s ward is next door. Why did you pull me here?”

With that, she was about to open the door to leave.

But, He Nanxi’s extraordinary hearing came into play.

The familiar sound of shameless footsteps echoed again.

And this time, it even walked just outside their room.

If the door was opened.

That slut mistress would face off against his weak and pitiful sister-in-law.

It was still there.

A scene of carnage to the Nth power, ah.

He Nanxi didn’t think. He stretched his long legs and as swiftly as a bird of prey, he suddenly appeared behind Bai Weiwei.

He slammed the door with his palms.

The door that Bai Weiwei had just opened was pressed shut again.

Bai Weiwei was stunned. When she glanced back, she found the tall and slender He Nanxi. His hands on either side of her head, his body enshrouded her like a prison.

She blanched, unable to hold back her doubts any longer.


He Nanxi listened for the footsteps outside.

He bowed his head and saw Bai Weiwei, who was confined under his figure.

His mind was entrenched in an intergalactic war between aliens and humans, it was a mess.

How to explain this, ah. He wanted to go online immediately to send a distress post.

I pinned my sister-in-law, how do I explain that it was just a misunderstanding?

Wait, if he put that post on the Internet.

Wouldn’t the first response be: “Sister-in-law, ah. What are you waiting for, do it, ah.”

The comments under the post would definitely be hard to look at.

Bai Weiwei’s expression gradually condensed, “Nanxi, what are you doing?”

He Nanxi was muddle headed, he also wanted to know what he was doing.

Her face was becoming increasingly unsightly, there was a more and more suspicious mood in her eyes.

He Nanxi’s mind lost its filter, he said at once: “This is actually a misunderstanding.”

Bai Weiwei wore a ‘loving face to look at a mentally disabled child’ expression, “What misunderstanding?”

He Nanxi’s mouth was awkward, he was still listening to the footsteps outside.

Was the slut mistress’ legs disabled?

How was she still standing outside their door? Can’t walk, ah?

He was dazed for most of the day, his brain couldn’t make up a proper reason. He couldn’t say he wanted to play hide and seek.

He still hadn’t answered and was feeling mentally retarded.

Bai Weiwei suddenly reached out, her hand gently slipping past his waist.

He Nanxi’s pupils widened, his waist was a sensitive place and his whole person shuddered like he’d been electrified.

He blinked his eyes, but his body stiffened like stone.

As a result, Bai Weiwei’s hand slipped into his trouser pocket and took out the black mask he casually stuffed there.

Then she pursed her lips and whispered to him, “Lower your head, Nanxi.”

He Nanxi, as if entranced, bowed his head.

Bai Weiwei put the mask in place.

“Did you see fans who knew you?”

He Nanxi eyes immediately lit up. He pushed his panic down and through the muffle of his mask, said: “Yes, no, it’s not a fan, but a brutal paparazzi.”

Bai Weiwei gave an understanding nod, then watched the door, she whispered, “Has the paparazzi gone?”

He Nanxi listened to the footsteps of the people coming and going outside. It seemed there was no sound of high heeled shoes.

Should be gone.

However, as if He Nanxi were possessed by gods or ghosts he gazed at Bai Weiwei’s gentle face and abnormally said: “No, the reporter is very patient.”

TheWhiteBook’s Corner: I can just imagine Bai Weiwei’s sarcastic conversation with the system as she waits for He Nanxi to come up with an excuse, before ultimately giving up and making one for him.


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