MGCH Chapter 764

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (33)

When Bai Weiwei woke up, she saw that the favorability had risen again.

She worried it was familial affection.

She yawned and opened the bathroom door, but saw He Nanxi with a nervous expression scrubbing…… Underwear?

He Nanxi and Bai Weiwei faced each other: “……”

Bai Weiwei reacted first, carefully retreated like when confronting a small animal.

Concerned she would scare He Nanxi.

“You woke up early, Nanxi. You use the bathroom first.”

Bai Weiwei finished and shut the door with a gentle face.

Having closed the door, Bai Weiwei’s smile changed, “Adolescent restlessness, ah.”

System: Is the host’s brain yellow scrap? How could she react so certainly to the meaning behind washing underwear in the morning. Can’t people pee their pants?

Bai Weiwei was like the worm in the System’s stomach, “If it’s bed wetting, the sheets would be washed.”

System: That makes sense.

He Nanxi watched the door close, his body was stiff for half a day before slowly recovering.

He pursed his lips, took out his underwear and continued to wash.

Scrub scrub, the roots of his ears were red again.

Burned red as fire, impossible to cool down.

“Birds and beasts.” He suddenly scolded himself.

How could he have such thoughts, it was simply not human.

After breakfast, Bai Weiwei took out a stack of bar help wanted ads.

He Nanxi saw it from his peripheral vision and immediately grabbed it, “What is this?”

What deceptive recruitment language like easy work with inclusive meal and board.

Plus that image of a swaying naked woman.

He Nanxi’s eyes were red.

“I can’t go back to the previous bar, so I’m going to find a new job.”

Bai Weiwei patiently explained to him.

He Nanxi straightened the wanted ads in his hands, then tossed them in the trash can.

“Won’t let you, what are you going back to that sort of place to do?”

Bai Weiwei was a little embarrassed, “Then I’ll look for a job as a nanny or a housekeeper.”

He Nanxi chopped the nail and cut the iron1, “That’s even worse, those are jobs where you’ll be bullied.”

Bai Weiwei smiled, “Nanxi, if you say this can’t, that also can’t, I won’t be able to make money.”

He Nanxi blurted out with hardly a thought, “Couldn’t I support you?”

Having said that, both of them blanked out.

He Nanxi hurriedly salvaged his words, “I mean, although a lot of the He family funds are frozen and there’s also a debt, but that is the business. We still have some private money, you are also a member of the He family, so you can get some property.”

It was his private property, given in the name of his brother.

He actually had much more than his brother because he had plenty of royalties from when he was a singer.

This money wasn’t hung in the name of the He family business. When the company had an accident, it was naturally impossible to freeze his money.

Bai Weiwei softly said: “But, this money is for you and Dongling. In the future if Dongling woke up and couldn’t make a comeback because of the money I spent, what will we do?”

He Nanxi: Why be so considerate of that cheating brother? That sort of brother that has people wear green hats, should have his money roll away so he’s made to cry.

He humphed coldly, beautiful eyes full of calculations, “It’s all right, just a little living expenses. Aren’t you husband and wife? This is common property.”

Bai Weiwei looked at him with some hesitation.


He Nanxi was being driven insane by her gentle character.

He slapped the table, “No, is it appropriate for you, the wife of the He family, to go out and make a public appearance? Just stay at home and enjoy yourself.”

1: 斩钉截铁, An idiom meaning decisively and unhesitatingly.

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