MGCH Chapter 767

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (36)

Bai Weiwei suddenly shouted: “You’re speaking nonsense, I don’t believe it, he treats me so gently.”

Hu Lijing laughed, “Gentleness costs little, ah. Silly woman, a man that gives you money is a good man, a few sweet nothings and he is gentle. You are too cheap.”

Bai Weiwei picked up the coffee on the table and neatly splashed her in the face again.

Then Bai Weiwei put her face in her hands as the tears in her eyes fell, “You…… How can this be.”

The words were brimming with sorrow.

Sobs that tore at the heart and lungs. Forbearance in her throat, despair in her eyes.

She looked up at He Nanxi, somewhat awkwardly turned away and suddenly ran out.

Hu Lijing also didn’t want to be splashed by a second coffee, but He Nanxi had her in a death grip. She couldn’t run away.

He Nanxi also took the opportunity to release her, he was now focused on Bai Weiwei, who had run out.

Worried that she might do something stupid.

Hu Lijing angrily shouted: “How can you hit someone and run, ah.”

With this reminder, He Nanxi just thought about it.

Right, ah. He hadn’t played yet.

He immediately turned around, raised his long leg and kicked sharply.

With one kick he knocked Hu Lijing into the table.

Then he put his hands in his pocket, like a violent element and went out.

No one dared to stop him.

Outside, he saw Bai Weiwei had boarded a taxi.

The car had already driven away. He immediately stopped a car, “Follow the car in front.”

The driver was very old fashioned, “Catching an adulterer, bro?”

He Nanxi’s brow furrowed, “You need to catch an adulterer. That’s my sister-in-law.”

The old driver smiled with unclear meaning, “Sister-in-law, ah. Did you succeed?”

He Nanxi was irritable, he pulled out a stack of bills, “Can’t catch up?”

Pull out cash and nobody couldn’t catch up.

The old driver leaned forward and drove fast.

In order to get that thick stack of hundred yuan bills, every red light was run.

After they caught up with great difficulty, he watched Bai Weiwei get out of the car and stumble into the bar.

He Nanxi was also anxious to get out of the car.

The old driver immediately said, “Sir, the fare, ah.”

He Nanxi narrowed his cold eyes, took out fifty yuan from the large stack of bills and threw it at him.

“The fare.”

Then opened the door and left.

The old driver holding fifty yuan, “……”

When He Nanxi burst into the bar, the rush of the crowd had him dazzled for a moment, unable to find her.

He had a dark expression. His eyes sharply shifted around as his heart burned with anxiety.

The things that had been painstakingly hidden were still discovered.

How could his brother, that bastard, tarnish his sister-in-law so much.

After He Nanxi finally pushed past several people, he saw that familiar little figure. She was sitting alone at the bar to drink.

A glass of spirits was filled and poured down.

Seeing that He Nanxi’s heart cracked.

He immediately rushed over and saw that there were some men who didn’t know how to behave had been peering over.

It seemed they wanted to wait for Bai Weiwei to get drunk to get their hands on her.

Bai Weiwei was working hard to get through her bottle, she had just drank half when the glass was taken away.

She looked up half drunkenly and saw He Nanxi wearing a mask with ice fragments in his beautiful eyes.

“Let’s go back.”

He muttered.

Bai Weiwei had been drinking, the spiciness of the alcohol made her eyes teary.

Her cheeks were also red, with a trace of glamour, there was the kind of charm that made people fall.

He Nanxi’s throat tightened and he hurriedly lowered his eyes and held her cuff, “My brother isn’t anything good. It’s my brother’s wrong, you are right, don’t torture yourself.”


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  1. He is one of the few (if just the only one) that I wouldn’t mind as a partner. The other guys in the previous arcs were, ahem, asspits*? Scummy*? Don’t know. So far I like this one.

    1. Yep, yep. Personally I adore yandere male leads and favor some of the other guys over him, but even so, I have to acknowledge:
      This guy is the only legitimate marriage material so far.

      1. Yandere’s are the best, I’ve loved reading about all the ML’s in every arc because they are just so damn entertaining and interesting!

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