MGCH Chapter 769

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (38)

Then she reached out, slowly hooked his collar and gently pulled him to the bed.

Clearly He Nanxi could easily break free from that little bit of strength.

But don’t know why, he was mesmerized by her charming smiling face like a fool.

Then point by point his body was pulled into bed.

Bai Weiwei drunkenly pressed him under her body. Her long hair hung down and her eyes were lost.

“Am I really very good?”

He Nanxi felt all his muscles tremble, that absurd dream seemed to reappear.

His eyelashes drooped, his eyes held a violent struggle. Ultimately, some words just came out, “En, very good.”

As soon as the sentence was finished, his lips were covered in a kiss.

Her lips were scented with spirits, her skin was fair and soft as petals brushing past his cheeks.

He Nanxi’s breathing was heated in the silent dark night.

Obviously knew he shouldn’t.

Yet he was still being pulled into a sinful paradise by a kiss with the aroma of wine.

He Nanxi struggled to reach out, grabbed her delicate shoulders and pushed her away a little, “You’re drunk……”

She would certainly regret it.

Today was just because she wanted to escape the pain. She got drunk, then became chaotic.

When she woke up tomorrow, she would definitely go crazy.

Bai Weiwei’s gaze was fogged with water vapor, her lips were moist and her cheeks were tender as a juicy fruit.

“Am I so annoying?”

She smiled sadly, “No one likes me.”

He Nanxi was infected by her sad smile, the feeling of pain also lingering in his heart.

He stretched out his slender fingers to gently hold her face, his fingertips swept over the water stains on her lashes.

The words hidden in his mind were sincerely spoken.

“No, I like you.”

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 45.】

When He Nanxi finished, the guilt in his heart seemed to disappear.

This was wrong, but what about it?

Wasn’t his life wrong already?

Why couldn’t it keep going wrong?

He gently caressed her face until he reached the back of her neck and the other hand held her waist.

The next moment, her whole person was repositioned by him, pinned under his body.

Bai Weiwei seemed a little troubled, she stared at him with bewildered eyes.

He Nanxi gazed at her deeply, his slightly cool eyes were stained with a heated glow.

He didn’t even dare to speak anymore. He bowed his head, enveloped her lips and recreated the things in his dreams bit by bit.

His movements are immature and impulsive, his body was full of explosive force, but his actions were incredibly tender.

The strength in every muscle seemed like it would burst out.

Bai Weiwei felt that she was drowning in this powerful, passionate ambiance.

She drank too much wine and as a result, she was conscious at first, but had become confused now.

She couldn’t help asking the system, “Am I dreaming?”

The evening’s drama wasn’t anger after encountering a little three, but drunkenly taking the opportunity to seduce her little brother-in-law?

How to feel, this little brother is a little excited.

There’s no need to seduce.

System: “Don’t talk to me, I’m flipping The Peoples Primary Moral Core Values Barrage on and I’m going to block you soon.”

Bai Weiwei nodded, “Oh, then I’ll go to bed first.”

System: Sleeping, shouldn’t it be hey hey?

Bai Weiwei was really confused, those drinks were also mixed cocktails. Even with her stamina she can’t endure.

She drank too fast, miscalculated the body’s ability to withstand it.

She felt He Nanxi’s kiss get deeper and deeper, before going to sleep, she couldn’t help but stretch out her tongue to touch of his lips.

He Nanxi stiffened, his body trembled like he felt an electrical shock.

A fluttering atmosphere was floating around.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 50.】


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