MGCH Chapter 770

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (39)

He Nanxi entangled her figure and kissed for a long time before he realized that she had no reaction.

He looked and found her cheeks were red, her eyes quiet and closed and her breathing was soft.

In the silent room, only his rough gasps echoed.

He Nanxi forced himself to pull away from her form, pull up the quilt and carefully tuck her in.

He sat foolishly at the corner of the bed, not daring to move.

His youthful body was still clamoring, enticing him, so that his evil desires continue to grow.

He Nanxi’s brain was like a battlefield.

Reason was grappling with terrible desires.

This is your sister-in-law……

He Nanxi thought so, but his hand couldn’t help but want to reach out again.

Under the quilt was her soft body, thin and supple.

With a fragrance he wanted to swallow whole in one bite……

Bai Weiwei suddenly turned over, a snow white calf popped out from the quilt.

He Nanxi touched her delicate legs with his finger then shrank back in a panic.

Her face was turned to the side, her long hair laid messily on the pillow. She was laying so naturally, but it was as though even her hair was tempting him.

He Nanxi rolled out of bed with stiff hands and feet.

Then, almost ran to the bathroom.

Afraid that he would become a wolf and do something the heavens wouldn’t tolerate. He pulled over a pile of things to fortify the door and leaned his body against the pile of blocked debris, gasping in horror.

He reluctantly returned to his senses.

Just now, he almost wanted to depend on his weakness, to take a shot at the tipsy and helpless Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei was drunk and mistook him for his slag brother.

So she had revealed such a pitiable seductive expression.

He was really shameless, not even refuting, holding the mentality of a substitute and still wanting to be tough.

He Nanxi couldn’t help but hold his knees and turn to look at himself in the mirror.

The dull eyes were red and filled with an unsatisfied light, the clothes were almost half off and the exposed skin was tense. It seemed that the power of an overlord’s hard bow1 could burst out at any moment.

It was simply beastly.

He Nanxi shuddered and rushed to soak in cold water.

This is your sister-in-law, your sister-in-law……

Your brother can’t be green, can’t be green……

Even if you want to green, you can’t take advantage of people’s crisis, can not.

He Nanxi passed the hot night trying to use self hypnosis on his own wolf nature.

When Bai Weiwei woke up, she faced the ten point rise in favorability.

Couldn’t help but ask the system: “Last night the overlord’s hard bow succeeded?”

Drunk, the brain was stuffed into a bucket of paste.

Bai Weiwei struggled to think, unable to remember whether she acted as planned last night.

Struggling to pull itself out from the unnecessary harmonious barrage system: “You two did nothing.”

One fell asleep.

One took a bath.

Left it a system holding the barrage, guarding all night, worried about what was happening, not shielded to.

Tired as a dog.

Bai Weiwei sighed: “I didn’t do anything, but still increased the favorability. This task target is really good, ah.”

System: “……”

Bai Weiwei checked the mirror, kneading her face, “A point more of languish, I just learned that I was greened, also attacked by the mistress. Has to be strong with a fragile sadness.”

The system sighed and watched the host who did this every day.

Really wanted to return it.

Bai Weiwei took great pains to make herself appear a little haggard, but as a result when she saw He Nanxi, she found that her efforts simply couldn’t be seen.

He Nanxi looked pale, with two drooping panda eyes that seemed to flash with a negative light. Who could say why his figure was so dispirited.

Walking as if he were floating.

With a voice that had a few strands of hoarseness after staying up late, he faintly said: “Morning, sister-in-law.”

He wouldn’t have called her sister-in-law before.

But now when he said sister-in-law, he deliberately accentuated the tone. As if saying it a few times or not saying it was all the same.

1: 霸王硬上弓, an idiom meaning to force oneself on another.


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