MGCH Chapter 772

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (41)

He Dongling felt as if he had been crushed by something so hard his internal organs burst.

The pain made him wake up instantly.

When he woke up, he found that Bai Weiwei and He Nanxi were staring intently at him.

The expression in their eyes were like looking at a thief, bright and cold. He felt as though deep enmity and great hatred was being directed at him.

He Dongling can’t help shuddering, his grim pale face showing some doubt, “Weiwei, Nanxi, why are you here?”

He looked around at a dizzily, “Here, is the hospital?”

His previously comatose self finally received a response.

Bai Weiwei mentally practiced her next performance.

Should she cry and wail, dump the divorce papers on him, then turn and leave?

Or issue a tide of complaints that he was a heartless man and then go?

Not waiting for Bai Weiwei to figure it out.

A familiar notification finally sounded again.

【When the prodigal son turns his head gold won’t have changed, silver won’t have changed, but you will have changed. He once abused your heart, liver, lungs, stomach and bowels, exchanging a hundred revolutions of love for a thousand, with no intention to pay it back. He used to disdain you, abandon you and wrong you to death, but you were unwilling to change your heart, struggling to return to your love…… Ah, when the prodigal son returns, the slag man can see you are the best.】

Bai Weiwei is expressionless, even very calm.

【Host, please complete The Prodigal Son Returns side quest. Let He Dongling fall in love with you and weep tears of regret for having once abused you. A favorability greater than ninety is considered completion for this task.】

【If the mission is failed, both the host and system must perform belly dancing, bare assed, for three hours on stage in front of ten thousand people.】

【The countdown to decide whether or not to accept the side quest has passed, accept.】

Bai Weiwei and the system with facial paralysis: “……”

After a moment of silence, Bai Weiwei said: “When you fell, why wasn’t it your heart, liver, lungs, stomach and bowels to break instead of the side quest rejection button?”

The penalty on these side quests were getting more and more unique.

This was plainly not something people could do.

System through the cold and mulberries1: “If I had broken my heart, liver, lungs, stomach and bowels, then I would be broken and couldn’t find you.”

Bai Weiwei melancholically: “Damn<2, if I had known you were a pit daddy3, you should have just broke properly and not come find me.”

Was this transversal mission a human thing to do?

Fuck, working with a desperate heart, enduring starvation for the reward, along with facing strange punishments.

Never seen a more anxious, desolate host.

The system quietly sobbed, “You actually hate me.”

Bai Weiwei’s heart softened, “My mouth is just cheap, you are still quite good.”

System put away its tears and waved a tiny whip, roaring, “What are you still chatting with me for? Hurry up and do the task, ah. Don’t want to do bare ass belly dancing? Then quickly get to work.”

Bai Weiwei: “……”mmp4 up yours5, slagstem.”

He Nanxi reacted first, he saw Bai Weiwei staring blankly at He Dongling. Her pen had stalled and he knew her heart was wavering.

After all, it was the man she once loved (deep fog)6.

Since he suddenly woke up, how could it be so easy to give up.

He looked at He Dongling with dark eyes, “Brother, you woke up.”

He Dongling was somewhat unresponsive, “What happened to me, I remember driving and then……”

Bai Weiwei suddenly said softly, “You were in a car accident.”

He Dongling had been laying for a long time so his brain was somewhat chaotic and physique was also a bit thin.

He turned to look at Bai Weiwei with tender and sentimental eyes, “It’s Weiwei, ah. I was in a car accident? I remember when you were kicked out of the house, I was anxious to find you, then I drove the car too fast and rolled over.”

He Dongling possessed the handsomeness of a mature man’s.

A pair of eyes with their own gentle luster, when looking at others…… Even if he looked at a pig, it would make the pig think he was in love with it.

1: 沧桑: lit. cold mulberry. Short for 沧海桑田, meaning ‘cold seas and mulberry fields’ an expression indicating having seen great changes in the world.

2: 妈的: Ma de, a chinese profanity. Literally it’s something like “Mom’s”, mom’s what? I can’t work with that! It is considered offensive in formal settings, but common in more candid conversations between friends and is often used as a term for emphasis, ie: “It’s so ma de hot out today.” The most common suggested translation is “fuck”, but that doesn’t quite fit since fuck has a sexual connotation just as often as not and I never see anything like “Hey baby, want some ma de?” like I do with fuck. So I went with “damn” which modern usage fits far more seamlessly into the function of ma de.

How much more do I need to look up for this chapter! Okay, 3: 坑爹: lit. pit daddy. So you know how sometimes character will act all arrogant and say something like, “You think you can best me, your daddy!?” when they aren’t the other guys father or anything, it’s just bluster? Pit daddy is an abbreviation of some variation of ‘dig a pit for your daddy to fall into’. It’s popular on forums, but inappropriate in polite settings, (again, the ‘I, you daddy’ implication) and can be used any time someone is cheated or deceived, or a product is lower quality than advertised.

…4: mmp: Acronym for 媽賣批, which means ‘mom sells [a] batch’ that is to say ‘your mother is a whore’.

This has to be the last right? 5: 去你: an insult, lit. ‘go you’ which isn’t an insult in english at all. I went with ‘up yours’ to preserve the meaning that something was going somewhere, as well as keeping the ‘you’ and retaining the intent to insult. I think it works.

6:(大雾)lit. (Big fog), I guess it’s trying to emphasize that her visions clouded?


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