MGCH Chapter 774

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (43)

Bai Weiwei suddenly felt that her face wasn’t thick enough compared to the person in front of her.

She decided that she had to thicken it by another three feet to match it.

Bai Weiwei could hardly hold her smile. She looked up and examined him deeply, as if she was meeting this man for the first time.

As if scrutinizing a stranger.

Like a bone marrow deep pain, this look could shake people’s hearts.

She finally couldn’t endure it anymore. She laughed quietly, “Don’t lie to me, okay? I can’t bear it. You know I’m a person no one loved since I was little and I very much lacked care. You can cheat me out of money, lying for my body doesn’t matter, but, but ……”

Bai Weiwei gritted her teeth, almost crying blood, “Don’t deceive my feelings, all I have left is my hope for love, must you dig it out alive?”

He Dongling’s smile went rigid. He pursed his lips, unable to get out his usual casual sweet talk suddenly.

After hurting people, he would walk out.

This was the first time someone spread their pain in front of him so bloodily.

Even begging him not to lie to her.

Bai Weiwei reached out to support her forehead. She seemed a little overwhelmed, her fingers gripping the pen started moving.

“Nanxi, let go.”

He Nanxi stood behind her, motionless, his fingers so stiff he forgot how to loosen them.

With a little effort, Bai Weiwei broke free of his grasp.

Then, with no help, she slowly and firmly signed her name on the divorce papers.

When the name fell.

Unconsciously all of the strength in He Nanxi’s body vanished at once.

There was no feeling of joy, only heartache.

It hurt for her all over.

Bai Weiwei picked up the agreement, wiped her eyes with her fingers and with a calm tone.

“Your parents have fled abroad, however your little lover is still here. Your family is no longer an obstacle.”

She walked up to He Dongling with the agreement.

Pale faced, but with a firm and calm expression.

Bai Weiwei said: “The only obstacle now is me.”

She finished with a relieved and tired smile.

“Here you are, congratulations, you can finally pursue your true love.”

Having said that, Bai Weiwei slapped the agreement into his face.

He Dongling hissed, his face hurt.

Bai Weiwei looked at him without any expression and said: “He Dongling and Bai Weiwei, from now on, have nothing to do with each other.”

After that, she glanced at him lightly, without a trace of her past tenderness.

Also lost, was the warm joy from seeing him.

Then she turned and left without hesitation.

He Dongling held the divorce agreement. He couldn’t wrap his head around it, watching her departing back.

Was this Bai Weiwei?

Was the person who loved him to death, could endure any bullying, even if he forced her to be a hostess.

That didn’t want to leave; just wanted to love him, fool?

He Nanxi, who had nearly followed her out, stopped. His face was cold and eyes were dark, the whole person resembled an unsheathed blade as he suddenly turned back.

He charged in front of He Dongling, lifted a long leg into a standard Taekwondo kick action, striking the air.

The shoe was less than two centimeters from He Dongling’s surprised face.

He Dongling was stiff, “Nanxi, what are you doing?”

He Nanxi pursed his lips and his delicate face was terribly sharp.

“If you hadn’t just woken up, this kick would have connected.”


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