MGCH Chapter 778

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (47)

System: “What?”

Bai Weiwei showed a beautiful smile, “Of course, when he is miserably abandoned by everyone and finds that the ex wife he didn’t want is living better than him, ah.”

He Dongling sneezed in his sleep at the hospital.

Feels like someone is cursing him?

Then he woke up the next day and found himself paralyzed.

He Dongling was silent for a long time, staring at the middle of his legs, paralysis was one thing, but he couldn’t become unable to rise, ah1.

After making sure he could rise, he laid back in bed tired.

He listened to the doctor utter a bunch of professional terms. He understood, his legs were gone and he really would be disabled going forward.

He picked up the phone and called Hu Lijing.


He Dongling showed a gentle smile, “My dear, I’m awake.”

Hu Lijing hesitated, “Dongling, ah.”

He Dongling smiled and said, “En.”

Hu Lijing: “I heard you’re paralyzed.”

He Dongling: Who said, how did this news spread so fast?

His tone became softer, “Although I’m paralyzed, the key part was not paralyzed.”

Hu Lijing hesitated, finally said: “Dongling, I just found out, the person the He Family offended was actually Jiu Ye, ah. I can’t afford him.”

He Dongling smiled cooled down, “So, you’re leaving me?”

Hu Lijing smiled unnaturally, “Why say it so scary? You’re a person who like to use your eyes to attract others, but we all know that you the way you like to play is to merry meet and merry part2.”

He Dongling couldn’t refute.

He liked the women every time, but his feeling came and went fast.

With Hu Lijing, his emotions were still in the fresh phase.

He didn’t say anything about breaking up, she said it first.

Hu Lijing said: “I also knew the He family provoked someone who should not be offended, but I didn’t know it was Jiu Ye. That old man isn’t good to mess with, I am afraid to be sat down. So let’s merry meet and merry part.”

He Dongling eyes were terribly cold, there wasn’t half a point of his usual tender look.

He whispered, “Good, I’m tired of you anyway.”

Hu Lijing laughed loudly, “Me too, ah. I am also tired of the cheating game. Goodbye then, thank you for the jewelry and house, until fate brings us together again.”

He Dongling hung up the phone.

After enduring, he finally couldn’t bear the mobile phone in his hand and dropped it.

He’d always been a dumper and now he had been dumped by a woman.

No, there was another one.

It was only then he remembered Bai Weiwei’s divorce agreement.

She rejected him, too.

But unlike Hu Lijing, her refusal seemed powerful, much more heart tearing and lung splitting.

He could even see how she was tearing her feelings apart bit by bit.

Destroyed for him to see.

He Dongling didn’t know why, but he couldn’t help but think of her eyes that day.

Full of righteous and irresistible decisiveness.

He Dongling was a little uncomfortable and he asked someone to send a laptop.

No, if he’s uncomfortable.

Others had to accompany him in discomfort.

Then he started to act, the account he gave Hu Lijing was frozen.

The real estate he gave Hu Lijing? Sorry, contacted the transferee from that time, en and got it back.

The most valuable thing he gave to Hu Lijing, jewelry, was paid in installments.

Don’t pay, bye.

As for the bags and clothes he bought, just give it to her as an overnight fee.

He Dongling always did things in a way to leave himself a way out, he was frighteningly intelligent from a young age.

Neither his parents nor his brother’s feelings could affect him.

Growing up with a pair of affectionate eyes and a good family background, had never been disadvantageous.

Loving someone also didn’t last.

1: In case it wasn’t clear enough, he’s making sure his paralysis didn’t make him impotent. He Dongling can live without his legs, but he needs his JJ.

2: 好聚好散, Good gather good scatter. I’ve never heard of this before, but from the context and what I could piece together online, it seems to refer to a short lived relationship with low emotional investment where both parties leave on amicable terms.


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