MGCH Chapter 779

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (48)

He wouldn’t like one thing for more than three months.

He didn’t care how miserable others were, he only cared about himself.

When he woke up, he found that the He family had provoked someone who couldn’t be offended and was forced to such a point.

Although there was still some money on hand, but he had to save some money for later.

What you send out, you have to get back.

By the way, when Bai Weiwei divorced, did she get any property?

It would be enough for this poor woman to be happy if he gave her a few hundred thousand.

He Dongling thought indifferently.

Then he tried to move his leg, no sensation.

Damn, was it really disabled?

– – – – – – – – – –

Bai Weiwei sent Miss Hu an anonymous message.

Sure enough, when Hu Lijing found that the person the He family had offended was Jiu Ye.

She was immediately scared enough to crap herself and ran away.

In fact, when Bai Weiwei looked at the information, she was also scared enough to run.

Because of this Jiu Ye, sixty odd year old man, had monstrous power and all kinds of incredible experiences.

Although the He family was also strong, but in front of him it was still not enough to enter his eyes.

Their livelihood was toppled.

He was simply the hidden boss of the world.

And this big brother was perverted by his high position and spends every day thinking about his old age hobby.

In their later years, many people like to garden, raise birds or something.

This one liked to torture people.

Especially liked to torture handsome men and beautiful women.

As if to feel that he was old and ugly, so seeing others being young and beautiful was displeasing to his eyes. If he did not torture he can’t pass the time.

It was common to see him destroy others.

Hang people by hand, killing, embedding others in cement to drown, were all trivial matters.

From time to time he would use the top ten torture methods of the Qing Dynasty.

Or use a searing gun to grill human flesh or something.

After reading the material Bai Weiwei said, “Was this in an ancient era, or a primitive era, wasn’t this modern times? A society governed by rule of law, ah.”

System: “The ten tortures of the Qing Dynasty and gun branding human flesh are rumors. Except, him liking to torture people and lonely in his old age is true. Cement is also a great joy for him.”

Bai Weiwei felt that with this Lord standing in the way.

Even the most steadfast love would be destroyed.

So she silently sent a message to Hu Lijing and sure enough.

He Dongling was dumped by Hu Lijing.

Bai Weiwei felt it wasn’t worth it for the original owner. He Dongling, this guy, would not be emotional.

Even if he was taking a big risk, even if he married her as a cover.

It was just a momentary impulse for He Dongling.

His love was good, Hu Lijing was good, all for just three minutes of heat.

Even if the innocent person, the original owner, suffered.

Bai Weiwei sorted out Hu Lijing and then started making calls looking for a caregiver.

“Look for a nanny who has abused their charge, the more vicious they are, the better.”

If she wanted He Dongling to feel the warmth of love.

She must let him experience the harsh coldness of reality.

When He Nanxi woke up, he got a call from his agent.

“I began to help you wash yourself white. I’ve greeted Jiu Ye, the water army1 will not make trouble for you anymore. I’ll help you manage your Weibo, QQ, or anything, ready to come back.”

He Nanxi nodded solemnly, “Thank you.”

Agent: “No thanks necessary, take what you need. My company recently had no good seedlings to take in, you came in just to energize the weak singing circle.”

He Nanxi discussed a bunch of future plans with him.

When he finished, he finally hung up with a sigh of relief.

Things are going better than you think, he was betting that with the He Family’s collapse.

Jiu Ye, who had been offended by his parents, had vented and the punishment was dispelled.

Additionally the force behind the agent was especially powerful, could catch up with Jiu Ye, to help him plead.

It’s just that he couldn’t be as idle as he was now.

After signing with this company, to keep up with the value minded agent, being busy would be the main theme of his life.

But for her, it was all worth it.

1: Shills hired to say things online.


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