MGCH Chapter 782

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (51)

But the caregiver continued to push him forward as if he didn’t hear.

He Dongling’s heart tensed, he calmly repeated: “Go back.”

The caregiver finally pushed him to an isolated place and his expression became hideous.

“Do you know? Why would I want to be a caregiver?”

He Dongling realized something was wrong. Just as he turned back, his whole person was flipped over.

The caregiver overturned the wheelchair and then stomped viciously on He Dongling’s calf.

He Dongling didn’t feel pain, because his lower limbs were paralyzed, but even if the pain couldn’t be conveyed to the brain.

He still reflexively cringed.

The caregiver saw him lying on the ground struggling.

He laughed, “I was bullied when I was poor. My mother died, because we couldn’t even cover the ten thousand yuan in surgical fees, but you? Living in a high grade ward, a bunch of doctors and nurses serving you. On what basis, ah?”

He Dongling: What’s the matter with money? You’re poor, so you’ll kill me off, this fart matter.

Of course he calmed down quickly, careful not to stimulate this apparently mentally unstable care giver.

“Actually, I don’t have much money. I’m broke and I’m going to be driven out of the hospital soon.”

He analyzed the care giver in a second, hated the rich, ah.

But the caregiver kicked him in his stomach, He Dongling felt that all five viscera and six bowels must have shifted.

His complexion paled and he coughed desperately.

The care giver growled: “You think I’m stupid, ah! You think I didn’t hear you call for a new caregiver, have the money to change nursing staff, but no money to stay in hospital? Society is like this because of the existence of slag like you, just so ugly. I came here to kill you, this group of societal parasites.”

He Dongling felt unlucky.

Not only was he involved in a car accident that made him disabled, he even encountered a pervert afterwards.

The twisted caregiver reached out and dug up a handful of soil, which was to be stuffed into He Dongling’s mouth.

“Aren’t you rich? Ate fragrant and spicy food, have never eaten soil. I’ll have you taste it.”

He Dongling finally couldn’t bear it and desperately shook his head, all the soil was pressed into his face.

Although he didn’t eat it, there was a serious sense of shame.

The caregiver laughed when he saw his face full of earth, “Before, the patients were paralyzed in bed and couldn’t speak. So they couldn’t expose me, this is the first time I took a shot at a rich man like you.”

He Dongling blanched, “What are you going to do?”

The caregiver dragged him, “There is a small dirt slope up ahead. I will throw you down, below are big stones. Estimated that if you fall down, you’ll hit your head.”

He Dongling reached to grasp the ground for dear life, “Let go of me, I’ll give you money. I have a lot of money, how much do you want me to give you.”

Caregiver: “It’s great to have money, ah. But what I want is human dignity.”

He Dongling hurriedly said: “You can get human dignity through money, I can give you so much money no one will dare to look down on you.”

The caregiver roared angrily, “This kind of slag, you can’t understand. Some things cannot be bought with money, love and friendship are things money can’t buy.”

He Dongling: Encountered a second perversion, the whole body feels unwell.

The caregiver dragged him to the edge of the slope, “After going down, you’ll probably be fully paralyzed. Then once I use a stone to deal with your vocal cords, you can only lie in bed and let me serve you.”

He Dongling struggled until his eyes were bloodshot, his fingers death gripped the ground, even as his skin broke and bled.

He was frightened and angry, “You’d better let me go, or else when I get out of danger, I’ll let you live a life worse than death.”


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