MGCH Chapter 785

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (54)

He considered the money he had left and thought that she was now wealthier than him now.

That younger brother was indeed a white eyed wolf.

Not afraid to starve his brother who’s laying in the hospital with partial paralysis to death?

Bai Weiwei took a look at the time, “Good caregivers are very sought after, I still have a few good employers I haven’t gone to see yet, goodbye then.”

He Dongling immediately said: “Give, give, give, I’ll give you more wages, the going rate for care workers I’ll give you to double.”

Now his state really required a good caregiver.

Furthermore, Bai Weiwei was the best choice.

Bai Weiwei nodded, “That’s good, I’ll come back after signing the contract.”

He Dongling: Her legal awareness is so strong……

Bai Weiwei successfully became He Dongling’s caregiver.

As a divorced rich woman, Bai Weiwei self disclosed she would like to enjoy life more.

Instead of facing He Dongling, a half paralyzed previously married old man, with no way to go.

Heaven strike down this side quest.

So she made the bed for He Dongling and tucked him in to rest for the afternoon.

Then she opened her laptop and got on Weibo to check on He Nanxi.

The cute little fresh meat was so eye catching.

This was her easy to attack and easy to tease, raising favorability was as easily said as done, adorable little baby, ah.

He Dongling held a book and pretended to read for a while.

He discovered that Bai Weiwei didn’t care about him at all.

He actually had some doubts in his heart that Bai Weiwei was his caregiver because she still had feelings for him.

Why else would he be saved and why should he be taken care of?

After all, even Hu Lijing is gone.

She must have had a lasting affection for him if she didn’t leave.

But these days, other than providing the necessary care, after completing the care giver’s responsibility.

She didn’t even talk to him.

They weren’t as good as strangers, ah.

He Dongling looked at the book for a while, but didn’t flip the pages. He carefully turned his head and peeked at Bai Weiwei.

She sat in a chair at a small table with a laptop in front of her.

Her hands casually supported her chin, a few strands of long hair fell over her ears and her cheeks were tender enough to squeeze out water.

No make up was required to see the delicate texture of her skin.

Bai Weiwei suddenly gave a small smile, clear eyes held a warm light that was indescribably beautiful.

【He Slag’s favorability is at twenty five.】

Bai Weiwei heard this kind of favorability, but had no emotional fluctuations.

Compared to He Nanxi’s seventy five, this twenty five was not enough to put in her eyes.

He Dongling realized that Bai Weiwei was really ignoring him, he finally couldn’t help but put down the book, “What are you watching?”

Bai Weiwei’s smile disappeared and she looked at him seriously, “Nothing.”

He Dongling’s gentle smile grew somewhat embarrassed.

He was thick faced and went on, “I saw a little bit, it seems like news about Nanxi.”

Bai Weiwei nodded and her happy smile appeared again, “Yes, ah. Nanxi really has a chance, the black material on Weibo has begun to reverse and his former fans have started to return.”

He Dongling never liked his brother mixing in the entertainment circle.

Can earn some pocket money.

Didn’t expect that after the collapse of the He family, He Nanxi was the most promising one.

His face softened, “Can you show me? I haven’t seen him for a long time.”

He didn’t know what’s going on with that He Nanxi kid.

He used to think of home occasionally and make a few phone calls.

But, now he didn’t even call him, not worried at all about his partially paralyzed brother dying in the hospital.

Bai Weiwei hesitated, before turning the laptop to his side.

He Dongling’s eyes appeared a smile, sure enough, Bai Weiwei still some feelings for him.


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