MGCH Chapter 787

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (56)

He was worried that if Bai Weiwei saw He Dongling paralyzed, her heart would soften.

He would go take care of his brother.

She didn’t need to.

He Dongling: Was this his brother? Or was this his enemy?

Bai Weiwei: “It’s all right, you can work with peace of mind.”

Then she said a few thoughtful words to put He Nanxi’s heart at ease so he could go sing, without increasing his favorability.

She hung up the phone. In the face of He Dongling’s smiling without smiling expression, she continued to blankly stare at the laptop.

He Dongling’s smiling yet not face seemed bashful.

He coughed lightly and cynically said: “You and Nanxi’s relationship is very good, if I didn’t know better I’d even think you were a couple.”

Bai Weiwei didn’t have a trace of movement, “Only people with dirty hearts, think others are dirty.”

Dirty He Dongling: “……”

Bai Weiwei coldly humphed: Puny one, come to fight with me, won’t you fight to the death.

He Dongling suddenly said: “I want to drink water.”

As a caregiver, Bai Weiwei went to pour the water.

“Too hot.” He’s complained.

Bai Weiwei frowned and then bowed her head and blew it carefully, looking focused.

He Dongling disliked things that had been near other’s mouths, however didn’t say anything yet.

She handed him the cooled water.

He Dongling originally wouldn’t drink what others had blown, however the words of refusal reached his mouth unknowingly changed.

They became, “You feed me.”

Although she was impatient, she still fed him.

He Dongling took a sip, his eyes couldn’t help being sentimental. Like a sparkling spring water, clear and soft.

“Weiwei, you……”

Then started to indiscriminately put off sparks again.

But Weiwei said, “Extra service fee, one hundred yuan.”

Soft as water He Dongling: “……”

Bai Weiwei took out a small book to take note, “This is the extra service as a caregiver. Your hand isn’t disabled, so manually feeding you water is a special service. You have to tip.”

He Dongling’s eye twitched, the clarity and softness inside was gone.

What about the Bai Weiwei who would be distressed for him with just a glance?

Who was this, ah?

Bai Weiwei smiled coldly, “Before, I was young and insensible. I thought that if you like a person, you can do anything for him. Even if you’re scarred it didn’t matter.”

She looked at him indifferently, “Now I’m older and know I was childish. What love, money is better. At least, it won’t betray me.”

Tone laden with disappointment and deep condemnation.

Let He Dongling know those usual tricks couldn’t be used.

Even he was a little ashamed from the distaste and reproach of her eyes.

She put the cup down and went back to work.

He Dongling pressed his lips. His expression was gloomy, and his fingers couldn’t help but intertwine.

After being silent for a long while, he said: “About before, I am sorry.”

Bai Weiwei’s movements to clean up the table were rigid and her back tensed.

He Dongling stared at his legs, still unable to directly face the matter of being a waste.

“I’m a slag, I thought you were also playing around, so I took a shot at you.”

As he looked over, Bai Weiwei’s shoulders seemed to shake.

He Dongling heart also followed to twist once, clearly being a slag was something he took for granted.

Yet, in the face of Bai Weiwei, he suddenly couldn’t be so natural.

Perhaps because the people he was a slag to before weren’t anything good.

Only Bai Weiwei, truly liked him.

He Dongling whispered: “I let you down.”

【Ding, He Slag’s favorability is at 30.】

Bai Weiwei heard the reminder and freely retrieved her tragic and bleak performance. Then turned around indifferently, “If you’re really sorry to me, just share a point more of your property.”

He Dongling: “……”


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  1. Anyway now, whenever someone would ask me why I’m single, I think I’d just flip a hair and say “what love, money is better. At least, it won’t betray me” then take the drama route of a woman which seems as if betrayed once by a love when i actually just find dealing w/men troublesome💅

  2. Arg.
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