MGCH Chapter 790

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (59)

It got good reviews on the internet, there were also some supportive posts from true fans of He Nanxi.

Previously the support of those fans and their words of encouragement were drowned out by the Water Army and black fans.

Furthermore, they were blocked by special influences that were deleting their posts.

That’s why He Nanxi couldn’t find a single fan on the Internet who said he wasn’t good.

“Nanxi, long time no see. I heard that you have suffered some blows before and now you finally show up.”

The host smiled amiably.

He Nanxi calm elegant, “Yes, there were some matters at home, things have stabilized now.”

Host: “Your fans were worried about you too, your comeback is the best news for them now.”

He Nanxi didn’t show any sarcasm, rather he was very mature and generous in his answer: “It’s thanks to them supporting me that I can come back. They are all my motivation.”

Clearly, due to special reasons, there was no fan of support to be seen.

Both of them wanted to put on a play.

“This new song is really good. Although the album has not come out yet, the single has rushed to the top of this year’s music chart. Your fans say the song has the scent of love.”

When He Nanxi heard the question and hid his ears that he couldn’t stop from flushing, under his fluffy short hair.

His voice remained calm, “Not really love, more of a crush.”

The host didn’t expect that the answer wasn’t a by the numbers response, but an explosive and topical answer.

He couldn’t wait to ask, “Crush, ah. Is Nanxi secretly love in love with someone?”

He Nanxi was a little nervous. He showed a smile to hide his tense emotions.

He wanted to say no.

After all, it was a show and it didn’t matter if he lied.

And it was too early to expose his feelings.

He didn’t know if it would scare her.

However, he couldn’t help it, he wanted to express his heart.

“I do have a secret crush.”

He Nanxi laughed, his eyes brimming with fragmented stars.

“She’s my biggest motivation for coming back and I hope to one day tell everyone, I like her.”

The host was surprised, “It seems, you really like her.”

On such occasions, once the words were spoken can’t be taken back.

Many celebrities have liked people and were even caught on camera, but stubbornly refused to admit it.

Because the stars have to rely on fans to eat.

Celebrities who were in a relationship, have their economic benefits cut by more than half.

During a critical juncture in He Nanxi’s comeback, he directly said that he was secretly in love with someone.

In fact, it was really bad for his stardom.

He Nanxi looked at the camera, his bright black eyes were smiling.

“Yes, ah. I like her, but I don’t know how to confess.”

The host wanted to ask who it was.

But, He Nanxi’s thin lips were sealed. He wore a polite smile, however his words always perfectly avoided the trap.

Not giving the old youtiao like host a hint.

He was much more mature than before.

Too handsome.

The appeal unique to seasoned men was beginning to manifest in him.

The host finally had to give up. Everyone had to follow the rules, so he returned to asking the previously designated topics.

Then the show came to an end.

The ratings for this episode would be very high.

He Nanxi spoke politely with the host for a moment, then went to thank the staff behind the scenes.

The agent’s assistant immediately brought the snacks he had just bought and distributed them to the staff.

He Nanxi also kindly took a small bowl of snacks to hand out to the audience.

Displaying a very kind attitude.


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