MGCH Chapter 793

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (62)

Delicate skin in the sun, had a kind of graceful beauty.

He Dongling’s heart raised all at once, words telling her to go back came to his mouth, but were swallowed back without saying anything.

Because one of the big men passed by.

Which reminded him that other than making Jiu Ye more angry with him, it had already become meaningless to act.

So he was rational and didn’t say anything.

He let Bai Weiwei walk up to him with a confused expression.

She walked past the big men and ran to him without turning her head.

“What’s going on?”

He Dongling gripped the arm of the chair, his thin lips clenched and his eyes flashed a trace of a dark mood.

“Nothing, it’s just a creditor coming to the door.”

Bai Weiwei froze, they had reached the back door of the Rolls Royce.

Someone opened the door and pushed He Dongling in.

Bai Weiwei was also pushed in.

The car was very spacious, it could also be seen that it was privately modified and fortified.

Even the windows were reinforced versions of bulletproof glass.

An old man in a floral green shirt, with a three catty gold necklace, black leather shoes and a cigar in his hand appeared.

He Dongling’s neck was so tense, it was almost impossible to bow.

The gray haired old man had an incredible momentum. His eyes were cold as a poisonous snake’s, when he glanced at He Dongling.

“This little rabbit is lucky, got knocked into a vegetable, but in the end you could wake up.”

He Dongling fingers intertwined, the knuckles somewhat white, he smiled, “Jiu Ye, this small one offended you. However, I hope you’ll observe my half paralyzed body and let the He family go.”

Jiu Ye shook his head and smiled coldly, “Your ambition matched with your refined appearance, seems to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You can bend can stretch, if a seedling like you grew up, later there will be a Tenth Master1.”

He Dongling was sitting in a wheelchair, but because he was in a car was very close to Jiu Ye.

He took the match next to him naturally, lit it up and lit Jiu Ye’s cigar.

“That’s when I was young and ignorant. Haven’t you seen a hard headed idiot? I didn’t know, it took hitting my head broken and bloodied to know, that there are some things I could never imagine.”

Neither humble nor arrogant, elegant and calm even with his head bowed.

Jiu Ye loftily looked at him.

He took a drag of his cigar and stared coldly at He Dongling.

He Dongling smiled mildly, but the small movements of his fingers were still obvious.

Jiu Ye narrowed his dark eyes, “Although I find it a pity, toxic talents still can’t stay. He Dongling, you’re a person with great ambition. Now you are a small wolf cub with broken legs, but later you’ll be a man eating beast.”

He Dongling’s smile faded away, he already knew.

The reason Jiu Ye came back, was to take his life.

Even if he was paralyzed, even if his mood fluctuated violently, this difficulty wasn’t enough to bring him down.

Despite this, with the current strength of Jiu Ye.

It was really easy to kill him.

Blame him for being too young, too impatient, only to provoke Jiu Ye, this poisonous old snake.

Jiu Ye took out his gun, “You are a young man I admire very much, let me send on the road21”

He Dongling’s eyes weren’t afraid, only filled with unwillingness.

He bit his lip and clenched his fist tightly.

Was this how he met his end?

One mistake collapsed the He Family and cost him his life.

The price of this mistake was too great.

“Debts are paid with money, murder is paid for with a life. Did Dongling owe a life debt?”

A clear question rang out in the murderous atmosphere of the car.

1: Jiu Ye is making a pun with his name, as 九爷 can be translated as ninth master.

2: You readers know about the road, right? The road those dead people go down, past the king who got saddled with all the paperwork that decides who was good or bad. No, not Santa, he’s not a king, the other guy. Anyway, the road, it goes along a river with a bridge on it. And there’s that one old lady, with the soup. Bai Weiwei went on a date there, a few Arcs back. Yeah, that road, you guys know.


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