MGCH Chapter 794

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (63)

Jiu Ye’s fingers paused, he turned to look, only to find Bai Weiwei next sitting to the wheelchair.

Both men were aware Bai Weiwei was pushed in too.

However, on such occasions, no one took women seriously.

So she was ignored.

As long as she didn’t speak.

There was a flash of nervousness in He Dongling’s eyes, his fingers even shook a bit.

Jiu Ye glanced over with indifferent eyes and saw Bai Weiwei’s expression without half a thread of fear.

Her apricot eyes held a stubborn sense of clarity, similar to a just blossoming flower, there was a sense of vigor in full bloom.

Beautiful and vibrant.

This was a vitality the sixty some old man didn’t have.

The anger in the eyes of Jiu Ye faded, he said in the manner of teasing a pet: “He only owes a piece of land just money, but I just want to pay it back using him.”

Bai Weiwei frowned, raised her head and looked at him, “That’s what you’re not right about, ah.”

This sentence was bold and presumptuous.

Even if Jiu Ye holding a gun, Bai Weiwei was treating him like an ordinary person. She was a blind silly white sweet.

He Dongling urgently whispered, “Bai Weiwei, what are you adding chaos for, hurry up and admit you were wrong to Jiu Ye.”

His whole heart was pulled up.

According to the practice of Jiu Ye, if Bai Weiwei hadn’t been noticed, she wouldn’t have to die.

Just like He Nanxi.

Because he didn’t participate in this matter from beginning to end, so only his reputation was blackened, resulting in some frustration on the road to stardom.

So she was going to be okay, because she’s innocent, like He Nanxi.

Bai Weiwei looked to He Dongling, gentleness flashed through her eyes.

He Dongling was distracted, that look ……

Bai Weiwei turned toward Jiu Ye, “Owing a piece of land, is a matter of money. Human life is greater than the sky, Dongling didn’t kill anyone, you can’t kill him.”

Jiu Ye burst out laughing. The laughter was hoarse and terrible and the flesh on his face shook.

“Little lady, this isn’t your home where you can say whatever you want.”

Bai Weiwei: “What I said is fair and just, why can’t say it? What money needs to be paid by human life? You, why is this person being unreasonable, ah?”

Jiu Ye’s smile stiffened.

You, why is this person being unreasonable, ah?

This sentence was so familiar, it instantly pulled him back all those years.

There was once a girl who said this to him in disapproval.

Jiu Ye observed Bai Weiwei’s face, they clearly looked different.

Despite that, the demeanor, the words, the naivety to the point of foolishness.

It was all so similar.

Jiu Ye’s tone became softer, “Then, how do you think is good to deal with this matter, He Dongling owes me that piece of land and a lot of money.”

Bai Weiwei’s brows furrowed, eyes bright and brilliant, “No more lives, money can be earned by anyone, but once people are gone, they’re gone.”

Jiu Ye’s eyes were shaking, too similar.

This sense of innocence that didn’t know life and death.

His eyes were a little wet and the gun in his hand was suddenly unable to be directed at Bai Weiwei.

Jiu Ye in the end, had been through the wind and waves, even in the face of a girl with such a strong resemblance.

He should be hard hearted when he needed to be hard hearted.

“But I just want him to die, because I’m unreasonable.”

Having said that, Jiu Ye raised his gun to fire at He Dongling.

But, when the muzzle just moved to aim at He Dongling.

Bai Weiwei used her whole person to block in front of He Dongling, she faced the muzzle very nervously.

Jiu Ye’s eyes flashed coldly, “Little lady, I remember you should have divorced He Dongling. You should hate him, right, not save him.”

He also investigated, the He family’s matters.

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