MGCH Chapter 797

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (66)

He Dongling’s tone became fierce, “Didn’t you see my true face. I was just playing you, you would still love me.”

When he asked this question.

He was unspeakably nervous.

Bai Weiwei’s lips moved, yet didn’t make a sound.

He Dongling frowned, his eyes were filled with deeply confused frustration.

He turned around, opening his mouth to continue questioning.

But then, he saw Bai Weiwei’s face covered in tears. She was biting her lip so she didn’t cry out.

Teardrops burst out one by one and the tip of her nose was red. Her crying was pitiful and lovely.

All of He Dongling’s words were stifled in his throat and he couldn’t say anything.

The tears following a life or death tribulation, held good fortune but no joy.

He Dongling discovered his own excessive flaws and she risked her life to save him.

Yet, instead of taking care of himself, he was busy questioning her.

He Dongling acknowledged he was a slag, but this was the first time to be a slag to such a weak woman from beginning to end, to tell the truth.

He gritted his teeth and said something he would normally never say.

“I’ll become stronger. So Jiu Ye will definitely not be able to reach me, let alone touch you, so don’t cry.”

He didn’t know shame. These heavy thoughts, spoken so boldly.

If he didn’t succeed, it would be very difficult to speak about.

But, in the face of her fearful tears, he couldn’t care about anything else.

【Ding, He Slag’s favorability is at 50.】

Bai Weiwei sobbed and said, “Then when will you be strong.”

He Dongling’s expression stiffened, “It should be very soon.”

Bai Weiwei: “That is to say, you’re not sure when, ten years later is also very soon, ah.”

He Dongling: “……”

Bai Weiwei: “I risked my life to save you and come back to work overtime to serve you, there is no problem with charging extra.”

He Dongling: “……”

Bai Weiwei already withdrew her tears and started carefully checking the numbers.

“Look, blocking bullets is at least ten thousand per incident. Overtime pay isn’t much, five hundred. Mental damages or whatever, a few thousand will do. And just now you pushed me, I fell, very painful, ah. It’s enough to pay two thousand in medical expenses……”

He Dongling supported his forehead with both hands. Head hurts, who I am, where I am?

Where’s my beautiful ex wife who just wanted true love, not money?

I miss the previous pure dummy.

Now that he was poor, she thought to ask him for money.

Why couldn’t she sympathize with this paralyzed old man, money wasn’t easy to make, so sad.

After He Dongling returned to the hospital and transferred money to Bai Weiwei’s account, he had an epiphany.

He had to continue to recover his legs and must continue to earn money.

He had to keep fighting for his rights by any means.

The near death experience didn’t make him cowardly, contrarily it aroused a fierce and ferocious desire in his heart.

Only a distinguished man could take control of his life.

He wouldn’t give anyone the opportunity to hold a gun to his head a second time.

He fell to the ground again. He Dongling was sweating all over and Bai Weiwei came to help him.

He Dongling watched her struggle to lift him into the chair.

Then she took out a clean towel, wiped his sweat and poured him some water.

He Dongling didn’t have any resistance, he obediently let her complete her actions.

He looked at her eyes, sometimes with a few traces of imperceptible softness.

A fleeting glimmer, not much, but very precious.

No caregiver was so considerate.

There wouldn’t be a caregiver that would deliberately come back after work to work overtime.

There would be no caregiver that would dare to block a gun for his sake.

Therefore, she still liked him.


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